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I raised awareness today

I drove my car a long ways on a very busy highway. The car has signs that speak of the “Walk to End Alzheimer’s”. An awful lot of folks saw those signs. I stopped to take an occasional picture and made sure to park it strategically. As usual, folks approached me a few times to speak of their connection to alzheimer’s. I gave out some cards with the 24/7 Helpline phone number on them. 

Yep, I raised awareness concerning the disease that took my dad’s life, along with millions of others. 

Alzheimer’s – a caregiver’s wife – 8/28/2016

I spent time today listening to a ladies experience as the wife of a caregiver. 

She said the biggest change she noticed was her husband’s health. She also was aware of his slide into depression and the accompanying moodiness.

The mother and son had a quiet relationship and in her opinion, they simply tolerated each other most of their lives. Her husband’s decline was hard to witness. She helped as much as possible.

As we talked, she seemed to be reliving some of the sadness associated with such a stressful time of life. She admitted never being very comfortable with her husband’s mom. 

I ask her if she felt the strained relationship made it harder on her husband. She was very adament about making sure I knew she is not an expert, but she said she believes the strain before the caregiving was needed may have made it almost unbearable, at times. 

met this long distance bicyclist 8/29/2016

He has a lot of Grit! He’s going to be peddling that awesome bike a lot more miles. 

Alzheimer’s – sharing information with all decision makers 

So much I have read, both in articles and messages that pertains to keeping everyone informed votes “yes” to making that happen. 

It can be tempting to keep a lot of information to yourself, for whatever reason. The drawback may come when it is time for a major decision concerning the patient. The folks that have been kept in the dark may not understand you, and you, having all of the input, may not understand them. The danger in this is that when a decision is required, that involves the group, it may cause unnecessary delays. 

accommodations 8/28/2016 – Erick, Oklahoma 

I rested here for 2 nights in 2013. It’s a great place and an awesome family manages it.

Alzheimer’s – this medication may kill my mom 

Many caregivers have shared their situations with me. Think of this one in particular. The facility where your mom resides has contacted you. A meeting is requested. The director sits across the table from you to inform you that your mom is becoming unruly and somewhat violent. They go on to counsel you that a choice must be made. They must consider everone’s safety and state guidelines. 

The choice they referred to is either removal from the facility or medication that will calm them and may slowly end their life. (they may not mention that but when you research the medication, you see the side effects and you know where this is leading)

Keep in mind your mom has no idea who you are and has not for a few years. Also know the situation will not improve. You are tired, worn, hopeless and financially drained, and nobody wants to help alleviate that.

You decide on the medication. Within a few days the change is drastic and you realize it is easier on you. 

Then, for some reason, you feel you were wrong. You feel guilty. The more folks you bring into the mix, the harder it becomes, but you feel you may need ideas to ponder.

When all is said and done, this is a decision you should own. 

These are my thoughts. Bear in mind I have not walked in these shoes.

Trivia – about Route 66 

We thought Interstate 40 would bring more travelers. We thought they would continue to stop in our towns and trade with us. We helped build it. We were excited. We were wrong.”  – about Route 66

66 (Route 66) was officially removed from the United States Highway System on June 27, 1985 after it was decided the route was no longer relevant.

Alzheimer’s – advice from Dr. Kenneth Cooper on aerobic excercise

Please click on the link and read the article. I followed this man’s advice and lost 100 lbs in 11 months. 

I am trying to prevent alzheimer’s disease. 

Alzheimer’s – what scientists seem to be working on 

  1. Prevention 
  2. Early detection 
  3. A cure

    I’m reading that nutritionist and doctors believe a good diet and exercise will slow and sometimes even stop most major disease. A vaccine would be considered a prevention technique. 

    Early detection will be extremely helpful when medications are found that may help at different stages. 

    A cure will be toughest to do because it means reversing damage. Folks coming back from strokes have shown us we can reconnect. 

    From where I sit studying these 3 aspects will take us a long way. 

    I am no doctor, but I think all informed opinions need to be heard. 

    my take on research scientists 

    These are my thoughts after over 4 years of raising awareness, and meeting and speaking with a whole lot of these folks. 

    They are great thinkers, awesome listeners, and have spent a great deal of time attending one school or another. Most of them seem very physically fit. 

    Sometimes their research can be asking an awful lot of questions, recording the answers, and looking for common denominators. Sometimes their research is done with multimillion-dollar equipment, and animal or human tissue. 

    Sometimes they write research grants, which are very detailed request for money. 

    Sometimes they are actually called on to help raise money in front of a donor.

    This information is what I have gleaned over a period of time and hope it is correct.

    Oh, and one more thing:

    Sometimes they are caregivers!