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things are changing for me with social media

My priorities have shifted, and while Alzheimer’s is still important to me, people born with Down Syndrome and their families have my heart now. Learning will entail time, energy and concentration and without the feeling that inspiration gives, I will not post about it. If I feel no good can come from a post contemplated, it will remain unposted.

My wish is to spend more time with family and friends, work on my fitness, both mental and physical, and attempt to make a difference in the lives of people connected to Down Syndrome.

Unfinished business is somewhat important and time over the next few years will be devoted to that. As that comes up, posting concerning it, as said above, will only be done if inspiration is its companion.

I’m thinking this change will increase my effectiveness, that’s important to me.

No, I’m not going away, but hopefully a difference will be evident, in both quantity and quality of my post.



the Dixie Overland Highway – U.S.Highway 80

The Dixie Overland Highway was an auto trail across the Southern United States. It was conceived in July 1914 by the Automobile Club of Savannah, which envisioned a warm-weather driving route from Georgia to California. In 1925 the federal joint board on interstate highways created US Route 80, largely following the route of the Dixie Overland Highway.

The original Highway 80 route was from San Diego, California to Tybee Island, Georgia.

the plans we made last night . .

  • 07:00 am wake up, make bed, walk around to get woke up
  • 08:00 am breakfast, clean up stuff
  • 09:00 am walk intermittently until 4 miles is completed

Most Important – be totally flexible and be willing to change everything, because I am a caregiver.


Quote and a picture #5

Barbara Bush dies

Carol was born with Down Syndrome

I’ve known her almost her whole life, she’s a blessing for me. She asked me if I would be her second dad, I immediately said yes.

I hope to soon make that count for something.

my next walk around America

It will come one day if the good Lord’s willing and the creek don’t rise.

The beginning will be wherever I’m standing the day it starts, and the ending will be wherever I’m standing when it feels right to stop, and go home.

It will be to raise awareness. The Inspiration will remain.

This picture is of a beautiful bridge near Stevenson, Alabama, it’s gorgeous, it’s full of meaning to me.

he said he shouldn’t have stopped

He was sitting on a bench, been awhile since we saw one another, about my age, a nice man. My recollections are of him working hard at a local food store, always moving.

He said, at this recent meeting, that he stopped working and that almost immediaty began feeling bad, had a heart attack, and can’t go back now.

The last thing he said as I walked away was – “I shouldn’t have stopped.”

helpline for Down Syndrome

A Google search, ultimately, put me in touch with this organization. The phone number is 1.800.221.4602

The lady answered and said they will do everything they can to help callers with whatever they might be calling about, concerning Down Syndrome.

About NDSS

When Carson Goodwin was born with Down syndrome in 1978, her parents, Betsy and Barton Goodwin, dedicated themselves to gathering as much information as possible about Down syndrome and creating opportunities for Carson to grow and learn like any other child. They soon discovered that support and resources available to parents of a child with Down syndrome were very limited. Betsy began collaborating with her close friend, Arden Moulton, on an idea to address those pressing needs.Through the efforts of Betsy and Arden, the NDSS gained official nonprofit status in 1979.

today’s visit to UAMS

Up early, breakfast and then headed to UAMS on foot, but it’s only about a 1/2 mile, but it’s good excercise right?

The young lady in the picture above explained that she has been in her job for a couple of years. We spoke briefly with Mrs. Compton in this office.

After the short visit with her, I took the elevator up and chatted with friends for a few minutes. They let me get a picture with them.

That’s Rachel on the left and Steve on the right.

As Steve and I headed to lunch we spoke with some folks that come here for excercise, they allowed a picture also.

We, me and Steve, headed first to the Down Syndrome Clinic and picked up some information pertaining to Downs, and then we had lunch.

This was a good day, seeing friends, learning more and having lunch with my friend Steve.