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Watch “The story of Rick and Dick Hoyt – Team Hoyt” on YouTube

Team Hoyt….

I didn’t really know much about them. Talking with my buddy this morning, I learned a lot more. I learned enough to know that I want to learn a lot. I will go to Google and to YouTube this evening and I have a feeling I’m going to get an awful lot of inspiration from this story.

She lost a lot of weight

I met a young lady at Amicalola Falls State Park a good while back. She decided to change her health. She stood with me and cried. Her family was with her. I found out a few minutes ago that she had traveled to Georgia to see a precious baby. She has been changing her health. She is an example of what a person can do. Here is a picture from a while back. She sent this picture this morning. She is inspiring.


This is her latest comparison photo she just sent.

He needed a recliner

A friend of mine works in a store that sells furniture. The other day a man came in to look at reclining chairs. He said it would be for his wife. He explained that she has alzheimer’s disease. He got a little choked up when he went on to say that “she doesn’t even know who I am” He said she has broken 2 chairs in the last two years.

A 20 hour marathon

A friend of mine from Morrilton, Arkansas posted an interesting story on Facebook this morning. It was concerning a young man with muscular dystrophy that participated in the Boston Marathon. He completed it in 20 hours. Here is a picture from the post.


Why do hymns do that?

I have personally watched a lifeless person come alive when a piano starts playing and someone starts singing old time hyms. I understand it does happen.

What I would like to know is what is the brain doing at this time? What would an MRI show while it is happening?

Why do people get up with no desire to Run, and see a YouTube motivational clip and then throw on the Running shoes and Run 8 miles?

What are we missing. The piano has no medication in its sound. Their is no medication in the noise of the YouTube clip.

Should we be looking at this?

Are we looking at this?

Why does an alzheimers patient sit up some and start smiling a little and even speaking some of the lyrics when the piano starts playing?

I don’t know. Are we missing something?

Lots to do… still works out

I was reading a post on Facebook this morning. It was very interesting to me. I have been told over and over again, by research scientist and medical doctors that good cardiovascular health can slow down and sometimes even prevent a lot of major disease. Alzheimers is one they spoke of.

Anyway, in the post the young lady spoke of all the hats she wears in raising a family. Even with all of that, she makes time to work out. It was a very inspiring post.

If you need help concerning Alzheimers disease

Call our 24hr helpline at

We Are the Alzheimer’s Association!

Trained counselors will assist you.

4/20/2015 heading north to home territory.

Said so long to mom this morning. The soreness from the fall is subsiding. A little bit harder leaving this time than it has ever been before. I will be in North  Georgia and will leave there friday morning heading to Denver, Colorado. In Denver, I will continue my Run as I cross America for the fight against Alzheimers disease.

Papa was a Runner

Spoke with a young lady yesterday in Roberta, Georgia. Her “Papa” had dementia. He is gone now. She said he would LIGHT up when he spoke of his Running days.

She LITE up when she spoke of her Papa.