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In Albuquerque, New Mexico

November 26th, 2015           3:22pm

In 2013 I was on Central Avenue and had passed Tramway Blvd. Some runners had just left me. I had been dropped off out here to continue on after the night in a hotel. In this area I met a homeless Veteran. We spoke and he said he was okay. He had been in Vietnam. He looked tired and worn. He said he got by. He went on to say that he had purpose. He said he was here to help other homeless adjust and just be okay every day. He said he was. He said he has a lot to give. It turns out him and I have the same stuff to give out.

a smile, a pat on the back, a thumbs up, a kind word, respect, the ability to listen, and patience

No, I didn’t say love, because I think those things are love.

Betting he is still helping somewhere,  maybe even still in Albuquerque.

Mixed emotions today

November 26th, 2015.         1:11pm

So thankful and at the same time very torn. I don’t understand what has come over me.

Impossible to not constantly think of what I have seen. This is very different for me than things I have read of. Something in us activates when we know someone is hurting and they really don’t know what to do.

Saw so many alzheimers patients that know where they are headed and they are worried about themselves and the loved ones they know will have to take care of them.

So many caregivers that are so lost about how to proceed.

So many homeless folks, men, woman and children.

So many poor people and I do mean poor.

People are out there trying to help. Still can’t get it off my mind.

These are all things magnified by walking amongst them with my stroller and seeing them wanting to help me. My God, that is so hard to imagine. The homeless people in Memphis trying to give me money for the Alzheimer’s Association.

Proud of my advocacy? You bet I am.

November 25th, 2015             4:23pm

I just finished reading a piece about Hep-C advocates. No idea who wrote it, but God bless you for what you have been through. It made me feel good about me and my efforts. I feel strong again. These are my words, changing some of theirs to how I feel.

“Advocates are often untrained and perhaps ill prepared. Advocates may lack resources, so their efforts may seem small and insignificant. They may not do it perfectly, or even well at times. Their efforts may seem cheesy or even useless. It’s tempting to belittle them and criticize such feeble efforts, but remember advocates have heart. They may be loud, public, visible and every effort comes from a warmth and zeal that possibly no corporation, shining program or polished campaign can reproduce. Most advocates work because they saw a lack of resources and support when it was needed most and instead of becoming bitter, they became more determined than ever. They fight.”

My name is Jack Fussell and I am an advocate, fighting alzheimers disease.

Shizo Kanakuri

He disappeared during the marathon race in the 1912 Stockholm Olympics.


from Google Images

He lost consciousness midway through the race, and was cared for by a farming family. Being embarrassed from his “failure” he silently returned to Japan without notifying race officials. Swedish authorities considered him missing for 50 years before discovering that he was living in Japan and had competed in intervening Olympic marathons. In 1966, he was contacted by Swedish Television and offered the opportunity to complete his run. He accepted and completed the marathon in 54 years, 8 months, 6 days, 5 hours, 32 minutes and 20.379 seconds, remarking, “It was a long trip. Along the way, I got married, had six children and 10 grandchildren.”[5]

We’re not done yet !!  None of us are done yet.

They told my precious mom & dad that I might not walk another step

Mom said I wanted to stand up and that I kept trying to. She said I told them I wasn’t finished playing, and to please take me back home, so I could play some more, and that I didn’t want to go see the doctor.

I had snuck out the back door of the house, came around and walked behind the car, just as dad backed the car out. He was going to the store. Thank God it was a dirt driveway. The tire had rolled over my left side starting at the hip area.

Three years old.

I remember bits and pieces of that day. Much later in my life, I wondered how much that shaped our lives. I wish I could tell my dad that it was an accident and that I am okay, and no worries. I hope he knew that. It is 6:18 am right now, Wednesday morning, on the day before Thanksgiving. In a little while when mom wakes up, I will for the first time ever, tell her “no worries mom, I’m okay.”

62 years later and I have ran, jogged and walked almost 15,000 miles in 42 months for my sweet dad and mom.

summed it up, I guess . . . . .

raising awareness about alzheimers

       one step at a time

              one day at a time

                     Heading West.

a friend ask me what matters

November 24th, 2015.         5:28pm

My phone rang today. It was an old friend. He has been following on this website and had noticed how close I am getting to the 15,000 mile mark. He wanted to know if I was excited.

I gave it some thought and realized I don’t seem to be. I will record it, but it just does not seem like a big deal, right now. Maybe that will change. I am excited about the amount of folks that have been made aware of alzheimers and how that will play a factor in helping in the fight against alzheimers.

I started covering miles, on foot, to raise awareness in June of 2012.

Arizona State Senator Carlyle Begay

Catherine Wheeler made me aware of this young man. I have watched three YouTube videos he is in. He is a Navajo Indian. He seems very awesome. Pretty cool stuff. Here is a picture.


from Google Images

He recently made a switch in parties. He said he would be able to help more by doing this. That takes courage, I would think.

My thoughts on my mission

November 24th, 2015           12:08 pm

Incurable disease
Native American Indians


at mom's table in Roberta, Georgia

Those four situations were magnified for me on the 2013 journey across America. The problems alzheimers disease has created was the reason for that trip. Little did I know how much I would be made aware of the other three.

I’m not a research scientist. I’m not a fund raiser. I’m not a counselor. I’m not an administrator. I’m not a public speaker. I’m not an ultra runner. I never attended college.

High school, United States Navy and then a husband and father.

I care about people. I have limited resources. I have limited knowledge.

I have posted about many diseases besides alzheimers. I have posted about suicide. I have posted about the Native American Indians. I have posted about homelessness. I care. I want to make a difference with my life. I made a promise.

I have the ability to raise awareness about things by walking around America. I’m getting better at it.

I have a lot of faith in God. I feel as though he has led me to this place, at this time. I’m not a judge of the character of others, although, at times, in the past, it kind of looks like I thought I was. That will change and I will continue on. I can now say this objectively and not feeling like I am bragging. I have made mistakes, but I have done a lot of good for folks. Anyone that would do what I am doing would be helpful.

I have had a lot of help. Some of the help, I knew about. I bet I have had a lot of help I never knew about.

Before a lot of money and/or time will be spent on a problem, the powers that be, have to know their is a problem and a solution.

I Raise Awareness. The Alzheimer’s Association is the largest non profit entity working to solve problems and help people concerning alzheimers.  They are the third leading funder of research to find a cure. They have a 24/7 Helpline and over 35 years experience, as an association, compiling information and helping folks.

My job, in my opinion, is a work in progress. It’s ever changing and at this point I can honestly say I am getting better at my job.This is not about me and I need to always and I mean always, remember that.

Wow – a defining moment for me

November 23rd, 2015.         10:22pm

Speaking this evening with a close and trusted friend, something happened. My friend is a psychologist. Mostly, she is my friend. I had been asking her a lot of questions. We were sitting around a table. I realized who I am.

I am a 65 year old man. I’m trying to keep a feeling of being useful. I am afraid to just sit down. I really want to help. I want to listen. I can do that. I can share things that I have heard. I don’t like public speaking and if I never do it again, that would be good. I don’t like live interviews, because they make me nervous. I don’t like being nervous. I am getting ready to try and go all the way across America on foot. Wow, that will be kind of tough. I do not like cold weather and would rather sleep in a bed than in a tent. For some reason though, I want to do this. God may be the only one that knows why. I’m gonna give it a shot. Lord please help me.

I love life very much. I feel like I am here on borrowed time. That’s it. Take care. One more thing! “I am smiling