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a testimony

He told me he saw my post on Facebook on June 22nd. It’s about some miles I had walked. He saw more post and decided to try.

He hadn’t walked in years, except around the house, and used a Walker for that. His neighbor retrieved the mail everyday, from the street, and brought it to his door, and would lay it on a chair. That way he could just open the door and reach out and get it.

To make a long story short, he now goes to the mailbox every day and gets his own mail, he is up to walking 1/4 of a mile everyday, using his walker. He doesn’t use the walker in the house anymore and looks forward to the day he will put the Walker away.

leptin, and adiponectin – Down syndrome

Great information concerning Down syndrome


Critical Path Method – We used it when we were opening 20 to 25 new stores each year.

It always amazed me to look at how many things had to be done, in a certain order, for everything to work out as planned.

Many times we forgot action steps, or put them in the wrong order, and it was amazing how many times things things worked out because somewhere, somehow, somebody did what was needed. Those folks unknowingly may have helped us create jobs, and opportunities for people.

My point is that a lot of folks have probably moved projects forward and never knew.

I’m thinking that’s a good way to look at what you doing, when you know you’re doing your best. There’s a pretty good chance, you’re affecting outcomes in a positive way.

If it doesn’t matter, I don’t want to know

One day recently, I walked to U.S. Highway 80, about 1/4 of a mile, to take pictures, and there comes a young man with a backpack.

We chatted and he shared that he is finishing a long walk. I was curious, maybe nosy is a better word, and ask him my usual questions.

Social media? Cause? How long? How far?

He said he understood the questions but none of that mattered to him. Instantly, and I don’t know where it came from, I told him that if it doesn’t matter to him, then I don’t want to know. We both laughed.

He is in between a stent in the Air Force and a job with a train company in North Carolina.

Before he left, he let on that he had walked a little over 3,300 miles, and did not carry a phone.

Watch “K2 Best Climbing Scene” on YouTube

Friend of mine asked me to go ice climbing years ago. I declined after looking at some of the pictures of the places he had been. These folks are amazing.

this made me chuckle

From my Facebook memories today

A New Beginning

We are allowed to have those anytime we want. As we continue to learn and experience life, we may see a new path, sometimes it takes a lot of courage to shift.

More information from the NIA

Graphics from the National Institute on Aging

Information from the NIA

Every day I do stuff such as this.

about an awesome teacher

This is beautiful