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Friday, October 9th, 2015 blog post

14,627 miles for the total project in 1223 days

Left mom’s house and headed to Albany, Georgia. Going down to participate in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s event on Saturday, October 10th.

Spent a lot of time with some of the staff of the Alzheimer’s Association.

Here are couple of pictures from today.



Lindsey Richards, Kristie Touchton and Dan Phillips are with the Alzheimer's Association

Staying at the home of Dan Phillips tonight. He is with the Alzheimer’s Association.

Friday, October 9th, 2015 morning blog post

Had a good time at mom’s. Her and Jack are good hosts. I enjoyed being with them.

Enjoyed spending time with Scott, Bromwyn, Raeder and Denny.

The cats that were dropped off in mom’s yard are doing well. Mom’s dog Dash gets along well with them.

Scott brought a birthday cake last night for my birthday. That was nice. Scott’s dad, my brother, died over ten years ago.

The weather has been mild.

The bumper or the air bag . . . . .

An example of what scientists are faced with at times.

They have been asked to examine why their is white chalky stuff in the front seat of some cars on the lot. It seems to affect any brand and the costs of the car does not seem to matter. So they spend time and money examining the powder and it’s chemical makeup. After time and money is spent they find the chalk came out of the compartment on the steering wheel” They see that now. So they spend time and money this time studying the steering wheel. Finally after many weeks and much money they find its the front bumper that has the problem. Oversimplification, of course, but I hope it makes a little sense to you.

Months later they find that the chalk is there because it came from the air bag compartment on the steering wheel and that all of the money and time could have been spent on a fault in the front bumper system of the car.

Are the plaques and tangles the disease or a symptom of the disease?

How can their be the pathology, but no symptoms?

How could this be? Maybe the plaques and tangles are not the pathology.

That seems like it would go along with the no pathology angle, but has the symptoms. 

Please someone tell me how this could be.

Remember my strange, very strange accidental meeting with the old man with long hair, at the park in Boulder, Colorado. He said this “it’s not the plaque and tangles. Tell them it’s not.”

Could plaques and tangles be a symptom? Google what some folks at Rutgers University have been thinking for a few years.

Real stuff and food for thought.

Strokes – alzheimers

The brain can relearn things . . . . .

Following a stroke, the process often works in reverse. The physical therapist creates sensory input for the brain. She repetitively uses her hands and body to move the patient’s muscles, if the person is not able to move them alone. This process sends messages back to the brain until the movement is relearned.

That in its self, is an absolute miracle !!

Scientists and reading . . . . .

These guys tell me they feel it is their duty to read a lot. They not only read about the area of their research, but skim writings about other diseases also. They do so knowing something they learn, that may not help them at all, may help another scientists, studying a totally different disease. Also people at the NIH are paid to search written documentation for clues that may provide breakthroughs. These people know millions of peoples lives depend on research.

It is amazing now to read how much our health could be affected by whether we were breast fed or not. The mothers health can also be affected.

Scientists are learning so much now.

Research is working hard . . . . .

Searching for a cure. May find a vaccine.

Searching for ways to reduce stress on the patient and therefore helping the caregiver.

The Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in Washington DC, it is said, was a huge success. Seems like the general perception is that hope is on the horizon.

I honestly feel so blessed to have met the people I have met in research. I can thank the Alzheimers Association for that. They continue to stay in touch with me and that is such an honor for me. I try hard to understand the things they tell me. They are so patient with me.


The Nun Study and Time Magazine


More about the Nun Study

Just reading some of Dr. Snowdon’s notes. Very interesting.


Dr. David Snowdon

Some nuns had the pathology, and no symptoms.

Some nuns had the symptoms, and no pathology.

I sure hope these scientists are collaborating as much as humanly possible.

I think one day the Nun Study will in some way, provide the answer.

I sure wish I knew how to get in touch with Dr. David Snowdon, to thank him.

My mom’s thoughts on polio. . . . .

Here is the answer I got when I asked my phone if polio was contagious.

Polio is caused by the poliovirus, a highly contagious virus specific to humans. The virus usually enters the environment in the feces of someone who is infected. In areas with poor sanitation, the virus easily spreads through the fecal-oral route, via contaminated water or food.

Mom and I were speaking of it this morning. She talked of her niece, my cousin, Suzy. Mom remembers traveling to see her brother Monroe. (Suzy’s dad). Suzy was in an iron lung. Mom could only see her head. Suzy died quick with the disease. I think of her often. I can’t remember anything about her, so I probably think of her in imaginary terms.

I googled about polio and found information that said the worst year was in 1952.

A vaccine was found by Dr. Jonas Salk and I imagine he had a lot of help. It is said that he was relentless, especially after seeing a little girl in a park, watching other children run and play. She could not run and play. She had polio.

Google Dr. Salk. Great model and his work has, of course, affected the way we are approaching alzheimers disease.