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When pigs fly

Almost half of the US population is living with a disability whether it is a brain injury, stroke, paralysis, chronic migraines, PTSD, cancer, etc.

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mom and I

Mom and I are doing good, and we work at keeping each other safe. On October 28, she will celebrate her 90th birthday. She walks with me almost every day now and we both have chores we do. We try to stay busy, and do most of the time. The picture above is from the past.

a quote from Dr. Kenneth Cooper

“Our charge on this Earth is to serve Christ and our fellow man, to excercise our gifts and talents to the maximum – and to care for all the assets God has given us, including our bodies” Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper

We spoke for almost 1/2 hour and he signed my book. I enjoyed the time.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, hugs a young fan in Australia

Beautiful story

skinny fat??

Is being ‘skinny fat’ more dangerous for your brain than obesity?

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about Data Scientists

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my trip across America

It began at Skidaway Island State Park, near Savannah Georgia.

It ended, unofficially at the Pacific Ocean, near Marina, California.

It ended, officially, at Bubba Gump Shrimp Factory in Monterey, California.

2594 miles were on foot and another 458 were in the passenger seat of a car.

Were there failures? In my opinion, yes.

Were their successes? In my opinion, yes.

Did I struggle often? Again, in my opinion yes.

Did I almost quit? Many times.

Did I receive a lot of help? I did.

Do I wish I could do it again? Yes.

a post for a link that’s about Down syndrome

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a quote for your consideration

“I believe a truly unique individual stands alone and away from the herds because they have no fear of being alone. They are confident within themselves and totally self-reliant. The mavericks of the world are not followers of groups, parties, and creeds devised by someone else somewhere in time; they listen to a different drummer, the beating of their own heart. They know that thinking outside the box comes much easier when not in the box. They also know, the free roaming of a maverick is stopped by putting it back into the herd…” ~ Steve Fugate

The picture below was taken in south Georgia. I had drove down and met Steve for the first time.

treating depression with activity