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My health is my responsibility

When I was overweight, and it was a bunch, being sick was a frequent thing. There were many doctor visits and tests. No recollection of any of those doctors speaking to me about nutrition. An ICU visit hit me hard and I didn’t need a doctor or anyone else to speak to me about anything.

I was proactive, learned all I could about calories, aerobics, resistance training and, well a bunch of stuff.

My health was my responsibility and I sure let myself down. I can’t figure out what in the hell I was thinking.

Not anymore. I’ll never fully trust anyone best me with my life and/or health again.

some aspects of Alzheimer’s

Why do we get it?

Can we prevent it?

Can we slow it down?

Can it be stopped, once started?

Can we reverse it?

How high are the numbers really gonna be?

Should it be called diabetes type 3?

the twins finished

6.5 days to run from Tybee Island to Columbus Georgia. They said they had a good time.

A recap, albeit brief, of a good time that became a great memory . . .

On January 12 2013, we left Skidaway Island State Park, near Savannah Georgia and ran, jogged and walked to Kingman Arizona. We got in a car and rode to Paso Robles California. We got back on the ground and ran, jogged and walked to Bubba Gump Shrimp Factory in Monterey California.

The we I speak of is myself and my jogging stroller Wilson.

We had a lot of help!

Byrd Alzheimer’s Center and Research Institute | USF Health

Immunomodulatory effects of a new whole ingredients extract from Astragalus: a combined evaluation on chemistry and pharmacology | Chinese Medicine | Full Text

These two pushed Wilson-the-stroller several miles . . .

Wilson is a Revolution SE jogging stroller that was manufactured in 2012 by the Bob Stroller Company.

We worked together over 4000 miles. I broke down many times, but Wilson never did.

On the trip in 2013 Sam Moss and Steve Barger took over the pushing duties, each for a day. Sam, the first picture, was in south Georgia and Steve, the second picture, was in Little Rock Arkansas. I had the pleasure of meeting Sam’s wife and Steve let me rest at his home several nights.

The days with these two were good times that became Great Memories.

Miles on feet and steps

I enjoy competing with the limitations my subconscious puts on me. With 120 days of 2019 done, my miles per day of brisk walking average is 4.28 and my steps per day average is 16968.

The step count is from out of bed until back in bed.

My miles goal on feet for 2019 is 1200 and if I maintain this pace I will go over 1500.

Goals make it exciting and enjoyable and sometimes we need that.

Do you have any goals?

About Goals:

Is it worthwhile?

Is it measurable?

Is it attainable?

Will it conflict with other goals or responsibilities?

A quote to ponder

” People rarely work themselves to death, but people all over the world may be resting themselves to death”

Brain and Heart