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Roberta, Georgia has the stamp #ENDALZ 

The postal clerk said the Alzheimer’s Semipostal fundraising stamp is in the building. Soon, we will be able to purchase some. 


Senior Star in Tulsa Oklahoma 

In Tulsa, Oklahoma Senior Star living has, I think, three facilities. Several of their staff ran with me from the one at Woodland Terrace to the one at Burgundy Place. When we arrived at Burgundy Place, they had an ice cream social.

That was in 2013. They made a  $2000 dollar donation to the Alzheimer’s Association that day. Good People, doing great work, and keeping folks safe. 

What a great feeling to visit senior care facilities. So many wonderful people, both the residents and the staff. So awesome to be a small part of something like this. Once again, thank you Senior Star.

A recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2016 – from the Alzheimer’s Association


Sue Griffin, Ph.D.

She is an internationally known Alzheimer’s disease researcher at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. (UAMS)

Such a patient lady. She allowed me to spend hours asking questions as I was working at gaining a minimal understanding of research.

This picture is from 2013

Making toast was once simple #ENDALZ 

Making toast was always relatively easy, but the years go by and changes occur cognitively. This once simple act has been replaced, on occasion, by a stressful half hour. 

news about a few of my Facebook friends 

Three of my Facebook friends lost loved ones to alzheimer’s disease yesterday. 

One of my Facebook friends was put in a lock down unit yesterday 

One of my Facebook friends revealed that his/her spouse has alzheimer’s disease. 

November 13th, 2017 Gates Notes

Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Bill Gates #ENDALZ 

The five quotes below are from the article the link at the bottom of this post will take you to.

Bill Gates

  1. “I believe there is a solution”
  2. “Any type of treatment would be a huge advance from where we are today,” 
  3. “the long-term goal has got to be a cure.”
  4. “The growing burden is pretty unbelievable”
  5. “Several of the men in my family have this disease. And so, you know, I’ve seen how tough it is. That’s not my sole motivation, but it certainly drew me in.”

Sanjay Gupta; “I have interviewed Gates many times over the years, in countries around the world. He was more engaged on this topic of Alzheimer’s than I’ve ever seen before.”

Alzheimer’s is more than losing memories #ENDALZ 

What do most people think about when they hear the word Alzheimer’s? Elderly folks probably, and that memories are lost. After that, most people I speak with that are not intimate with the disease, are clueless. Of course, memory loss is the tip of the iceberg and young people do get Alzheimer’s. 

Most Alzheimer’s patients cannot speak for themselves, and most caregivers do not have the time. 

This post isn’t to explain the intricacies of the disease, but it is meant to say we need more advocates. We need more folks that are willing to speak for Alzheimer’s patients and caregivers. If you would like to help, please contact the Alzheimer’s Association at 1.800.272.3900. 

backpacking the A.T. and caregiving 

Every March, hordes of folks leave Amicalola Falls State Park heading to Mount Katahdin. That’s over 2000 miles. It’s estimated that anywhere from 7 to 15% go all the way. The average time for the backpacking journey is estimated to be 6 months. The weather is wide-ranging and many a mountain must be climbed. Folks sometimes get hurt and/or sick. What I’m saying is, there can be a lot of adversity.

For several years, on weekends, I would be there. I would watch, listen and give my opinion, if asked. 

On one occasion that has stuck with me, there was an elderly gentleman in attendance. Folks seemed to be crowding around him, asking questions. When he spoke he sounded sure. A young man asked him what was the most important piece of gear. Without hesitation the elderly man said it was “attitude” 

He went on to say that if you leave with the thought that you will go as best you know how, and let the trip advise you, and adapt, you will make it, if it’s important. 

I Suffer from Alzheimer’s – a blog I came upon

I read and share the blog post of others often. I think it’s valuable to read of the experiences of others and their opinions.