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Book – the plan for my weight loss

My own experience exposed me to how awesome it can feel, to set a life changing goal, and achieve it.

In 2001 I purchased this book, did what it said, and lost 100 pounds in eleven months.

I purchased several, gave them away and saw success come to others. This one arrived today, mom dated it for me. This one will remain in my possession.

not ready for the couch

I’ve come to another fork in my road. One leads, more or less, to the couch, the other to more work. 

Can I continue to embrace the pain and keep going or is it time to bow out? 

Do I recognize the “book” is simply a word for “Never Give Up on What’s Important to Me?” It’s like a metaphor. To write a book is to try and answer all of the questions that matter. 

It’s a good feeling to have the answer deep in your heart and know it’s been there since you were born. 

decision made to write a book

This decision was a long time in the making. I have decided to write a book about my time spent raising awareness about Alzheimer’s disease. The decision whether to publish or not will come later.