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sometimes the help a caregiver gets isn’t what they wished for

I’ve heard a lot of stories concerning this. One caregiver shared this with me. She has been taking care of her father for 6 years and for four years he has needed 24/7 care. Her sister comes once a year for two weeks. During that two weeks the visiting sister wants the 24/7 caregiver there too, just in case. If the 24/7 caregiver tries to discuss anything different, the visiting sister starts talking about not coming anymore. The 24/7 caregiver said this lack of understanding on her sisters part is hard to take, but for two weeks she does have a little help and some company. She feels it is not right, but thinks that trying to discuss it, with her sister, is all she knows how to do to try and effect change, and right now, nothing is changing. 

She thinks it’s best to not cut her nose off to spite her face in this situation. She said she will take what is available and appreciate it, but she knows her sister should be doing much more. 

During that two weeks, the 24/7 caregiver would like to go relax somewhere and do some of the things she used to do. She would like to do some of the things during those two weeks that her sister gets to do 50 weeks a year.

In this situation, I would be as amicable as I could be, but I would be persistent in asking my sister to do more.


my recent visit to a nursing home 

Wasn’t planned. They buzzed me in. The administrator approved of my visit immediately. Beautiful place. Spoke with a few residents and the daughter of one. I didn’t bother the staff. I imagine they were busy. 

Ending loneliness in caregiving

a few comments from caregivers that work full time #CGROCK

Mom must be first 

Caregivers must have support in the workplace 

It quickly became apparent that some jobs could not allow me to leave to take care of dad

Assisted living facilities absolutely will call when they need to, even if you are at work

I could feel the resentment from coworkers when I received a call or had to leave, and I understood, but it still seemed to anger me

After awhile, I was told no more phone calls at work and no more leaving

I needed room to breathe, a few kind words, a hug and my paycheck 

5 ways the church may be able to help caregivers

It’s about the caregivers Jack  . . . . .

She told me that in 2013. It felt right for who I am, and for my talents. Yes, I’ve gotten off that path several times, but I keep coming back. Maybe I’m here to stay this time. God will direct others to the other. 

That feels right. 

Oklahoma Veterans Center – Clinton Division #AVISIT

In 2013 I spent 2 or 3 days there. The Alzheimer’s Association arranged the visit. The visit was eye opening for me. I remember several of the residents and some of the staff. 

are you a good caregiver? 

I read this somewhere on the internet. I witnessed some of this. I’ve heard about this.  

  • “Probably no matter what happens, around 50% may think you are a horrible caregiver, and the other 50% may think you are the best. This may include family, friends, neighbors, or really anyone that has heard of what you are doing and how you handle the job. Just do your best and remember you can’t help anyone if you are dead”

making an Impact concerning alzheimer’s 

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, 5.7 million folks in America have alzheimer’s disease. Some experts say that for each person with alzheimer’s, 3 more have their lives adversely affected. 

     5.7 × 3 = 17.1 million 

5.7 + 17.1 = 22.8 million human beings 

According to information I found a few minutes ago using Google, the population of the United States in 2015 was 321.4 million. I found that in 2010 we had approximately 74.2 million here, not of voting age. So . . . . .  

321.4 – 74.2 = 247.20 possible eligible voters.

This is very non scientific, but of 247.20 million possible eligible voters, 22.8 million are adversely affected and they probably  have awareness concerning alzheimer’s disease.  So . . . . . 247.20 – 22.8 = 224.40 million folks here in America that may be unaware. 

Voters have a say with lawmakers and lawmakers, along with the President, make the budget. The money earmarked for alzheimer’s research then goes to the National Institute of Health. They control the process. Scientists end up with the money and search for prevention and cures. 

I would think the 22.8 million would be on board approving more research dollars. The 224.40 million may be the targets of those trying to raise awareness. 

My opinion is that we need to show America the “Trenches.” I don’t know how to do that. 

An article about male caregivers 

From Enlivant 

Here is a link to the article :