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a grateful caregiver 

Not much into intricate planning. My gut tells me where and when to go. The Epic Journey I’m on now is a remarkable opportunity to learn, experience and help another human being that happens to be my mom. I am a grateful caregiver. The benefits are staggering. 


I Suffer from Alzheimer’s – a blog I came upon

I read and share the blog post of others often. I think it’s valuable to read of the experiences of others and their opinions. 

the quiet caregiver

Their were two announcements this week that may have an affect on our fight with Alzheimer’s disease. First, the “Bold” initiative and then the news about Bill Gates. In my opinion, both have the ability to create hope in a lot of people. 

This morning I spoke with a caregiver. He has been taking care of his wife for nine years and it’s taken a toll. Although his call was to say hello, I took the opportunity to inquire how he felt when he heard the news. He was quiet in his response to me and said his wife of 36 years is his focus and immediately knew the news would have no bearing on what is left of her life. He went on to say that others, with different roles, probably felt excited.

the people I remember most 

People ask me who is the most memorable person I have ever met while raising awareness. I think they expect me to name a Governor, Law Maker, Famous Runner, Sports Star, Research Scientist, Television Celebrity, Movie Star or another well known public figure. I enjoyed meeting all of those people and they were instrumental in raising a lot of awareness. 

But the most memorable folks were Caregivers, folks keeping another human being safe.