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Milestone June 11 2018 Special Olympics

I enjoy reaching special places such as the 500th mile mark for the Special Olympics. The actual number after todays miles is 514. It feels good and I appreciate the Charity Miles folks for their application. The app makes it easy.

Resting on my laurels for a few minutes.

who was Linda Crnic?

CU Professor Linda S. Crnic of pediatrics and psychiatry died on September 11, 2004, from head injuries suffered in a biking accident in Oregon. She was 56. Dr. Crnic was born on March 29, 1948, in Fort Wayne, Indiana, the daughter of Herman and Patricia Smith. She married Stan L. Wilkes.

“Linda understood better than most, the power of putting together a broad network of scholars within and across campuses,” Jones said. She was also active with Down syndrome families, working locally and traveling with them to Washington, DC., to make the case for better support, care and research. Linda’s energy and breadth of vision will be difficult to replace.


All of the above came from Wikipedia

Down syndrome and a memory

Many years ago our family had, as a regular guest, a little girl that was born with down syndrome, and she was fun to be near. Once, one of us told her something we needed her to do, or not do.

She was very young and she stopped in her tracks, put her hands on her hips, and said “you are not my mama”

We had a lot of good times with her, as we did other children that came into our lives.

5/17/2018 Walking for Down Syndrome

I was a little later than usual getting out on Highway 80, and it looked like rain may fall, but it didn’t. I walked through the heart of Talbotton and on towards Geneva.

I found an old motel, kind of the same as the Route 66 ones. I want to learn more, much more, about U.S.Highway 80, and I sure have the “sit down” time.

“Beauty is and always will be blue skies and open Highway”     Dave Hickey

5/16/2018 Walking for Down Syndrome

Up early and walked in Roberta, had breakfast, cleaned up the kitchen and we headed west, parked and I jogged and walked towards Columbus, Georgia. I made it into Talbotton and we headed home in a hard rain.

While I was walking a young man in a pickup stopped to warn me of some bad weather heading our way, and he was dead on.

5/15/2018 Walking for Down Syndrome

The warmth felt good, milder than yesterday, and it sprinkled here and there, but it was just right. Ten plus miles today and it was fun.

One man, looked like a farmer, shut his tractor off, walked over and we spoke about a few subjects. A lady in a pickup truck turned around, came back, and told me that she appreciated the hearty wave, and a Talbot County Law Enforcement Officer stopped, rolled down his window, and chatted for a bit. Yeah, it was a good day, wish it could have been longer. Being beside a road, especially Hwy 80, is very enjoyable, and it’s fun managing stuff to fit and rolling with the flow here and there, sweating, getting tired, listening to the outside stuff, hawks, tractors and cars and trucks going by, driven by people with friendly faces.

I have been fortunate to run, jog and walk for a few years now. Doing this has become part of my life, not my whole life, but a bunch of it.

The best part of the day was knowing I was raising awareness concerning folks born with Down Syndrome and money for the Special Olympics. That’s what it’s about.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Woke up later than normal, had breakfast and mom’s phone went to ringing. Bobbie Sue and Sid drove many miles out of their way to have lunch with us at Champions Restaurant, here in Roberta. We enjoyed the visit, we always do.

Mark and I had spoke for awhile and he made a great comment, they usually are. He said if you still want to being doing stuff in your seventies, you may need to be doing stuff now, keep moving.

I jogged and walk a little over 7 miles today and I am enjoying the heat and hope we have more. The sweating feels good and I know it’s good for me,

I sure am enjoying the Section Walk Across Georgia and the scenery out there is wonderful. I’m using it as an instrument to keep life exciting for me and to raise awareness concerning folks born with Down Syndrome.

They can see me now . . .

The beautiful shirt I purchased from the Special Olympics was on my back for the first time out on Highway 80 today.

The ear buds were put away so folks that may consider stopping, feel more comfort.

In 3 miles I witnessed 3 vehicles pulling over. We chatted, good stuff. Still no stroller, hoping to add that soon, when the signs arrive for it.

Several more shirts are on order and from this day forth that’s what I will wear out there.

As mentioned yesterday, the donations have been a big surprise, a good surprise.

Pictures Sunday 5/13/2018

Approaching Talbotton Georgia on U.S.Highway 80

Keep Going and Down Syndrome

For many years and miles, my work, as a volunteer, was raising awareness concerning the disease my dad died with, alzheimer’s. All that time and effort left me with one predominant thought that may be best explained by reading a quote attributed to Martin Luther King Jr. “If you can’t fly, then run, if you can’t run, then walk, if you can’t walk, then crawl, but whatever you do, you must keep moving forward.

Down Syndrome has my heart now. There have been 2 people in my life born with Down Syndrome and raising awareness and money is my objective.

So there’s my work, to Keep Moving Forward and to Raise Awareness concerning Down Syndrome.

I’m supposed to be doing this!