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Wilson is ready to do some more work

We ain’t finished here.

Wilson asked “Where we going?”

We’re gonna raise awareness concerning Down Syndrome. New signs should arrive in approximately two weeks, and we will let some folks see um, out on the road, Highway 80 and Highway 341.

new perspective from a dear friend

The young lady and her two sons were sitting at a picnic table and the young lady slid to the edge of bench, leaned forward, smiled, and told me how blessed their family was to have a child born with Down Syndrome.

She held that smile for about 50 seconds and then picked up the new addition and gave him a hug.

This was the beginning of a new perspective for me, feels right and I don’t want to let go of it.

Watch “Brooks & the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games. #RiseWithUs” on YouTube

Watch “Children’s Hospital Employee With Down Syndrome Inspires Doctors, Patients” on YouTube

thoughts on folks with Down Syndrome

I feel that people with Down Syndrome can aspire, inspire, motivate, encourage, fail and succeed, just like I do. I also think they need help, from time to time, just like I do.

Article – about Down Syndrome and abortion

My call to the NDSS

Just hung up with a young man at the National Down Syndrome Society. We spoke of my wanting to raise awareness concerning people with Down Syndrome and their organization.

His professional manner is very inspiring to me and I look forward to many more phone calls.

my focus – Down Syndrome

They explained to me that folks born with Down Syndrome are different than me, an extra chromosome did that. Okay, but everyone is different from me, and we’re all individuals, but we all have hopes, dreams and aspirations for a good life.

In the last few weeks reading what others say about Down Syndrome has been very informative. Seeing how much improvement has been made concerning DS makes me realize how much of a difference, caring and thinking folks can make, in the lives of who they focus on.

Inspiring, Motivating and Encouraging folks with Down Syndrome is important, but that’s the same with anyone.

The next few years of my life will be, among other things, spent raising my awareness concerning Down Syndrome. With time, and contemplation, what comes after that will become clear to me, and I will do it.

My daughter Amy told me once, long ago, that even if I only help one person, what I do will be worth it.

My son Jack Jr. recently said we should all aspire to figure out who and what we are and go to that place.

Look carefully at these quoted words from The Mighty . . . “In 2015, people with Down Syndrome are going to college, working, getting married and living independently. But as a national advocate for people with Down Syndrome, we have so much more to accomplish.” Sara Weir, President of the National Down Syndrome Society

Here’s the link to the Facebook page of The Mighty . . .

This blog post was inspired by the YouTube clip below . . .

about adopting a baby with Down Syndrome

“He’s just brought our family closer together. The way he has fit into our family is nothing short of God. The kids love him and he is just the happiest, sweetest little guy.”

The paragraph above comes from the article the link below will take you to.

helpline for Down Syndrome

A Google search, ultimately, put me in touch with this organization. The phone number is 1.800.221.4602

The lady answered and said they will do everything they can to help callers with whatever they might be calling about, concerning Down Syndrome.

About NDSS

When Carson Goodwin was born with Down syndrome in 1978, her parents, Betsy and Barton Goodwin, dedicated themselves to gathering as much information as possible about Down syndrome and creating opportunities for Carson to grow and learn like any other child. They soon discovered that support and resources available to parents of a child with Down syndrome were very limited. Betsy began collaborating with her close friend, Arden Moulton, on an idea to address those pressing needs.Through the efforts of Betsy and Arden, the NDSS gained official nonprofit status in 1979.