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perspective, reality?

I’ve allowed this to happen to me before:

I find something that concerns me, maybe even life threatening for someone. Others may have done the homework , found the real problem, and maybe even the solution, but the solution may take time and/or money.

Here is my problem sometimes, not always. An event may be held that will be a stepping stone, maybe the beginning of solving the problem, but does not solve it, but is so exciting, that it seems to fulfill something in me, and I back off a little, and the work has just begun.

Goal set – miles on foot for 2018

Last December a Goal was set by “Across the Land” concerning miles on foot for 2018. The Goal was to be on foot for 1200 miles by December 31, 2018.

As of this moment, 1340 is the number so far.

So the Goal has been hammered, and that’s a good thing.

This Goal is to make my miles on foot a little more interesting to me.

I have 112 more days in 2018.

So . . . . . By December 31, 2018, I will strive to have a total miles on foot, of 2092 miles.

Worthwhile? . . . . . It is. It will help me raise money for a charity, the daily tweets will raise a little awareness and maybe the work will help me remain fit.

Doable? . . . . . Mom and I keep each other safe and that’s my first priority, but I think it’s doable.

Update on the 1200 miles on foot for 2018

Back in December of 2017 it came to my attention that my on foot miles for the year were running low. The year ended with 710 miles, but my caregiving duties had to be taken into account, to be honest though, I knew I could have reached farther.

After a day or two of reflection, a different number, higher, seemed reachable for 2018. My time would need managing and that sounded appealing.

The number, the goal for 2018 was set at 1200 miles.

As I sit here posting this, it is May 30, and the miles are adding up, 700 so far.

My responsibilities haven’t suffered and achieving the 1200 miles, on foot, looks doable.

It feels good to sit, relax when the time is right, and appreciate the work.

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment” Jim Rohn

my section jog/walk across Georgia

In 2013 I pushed Wilson across Georgia and a ton and 1/2 of America, but this, this is different, this is U.S.Highway 80, formerly a transcontinental highway. I did part of U.S. 80 in 2013, and parts every once in awhile since.

I’m 39 miles from the Alabama State line, with my section walk. I started at Tybee Island and will finish at the state line. I do what I can, when I can, it’s fun.

Bragging rights, yep, when I finish, this is what I can record – “I was on foot, every foot from the beginning of Hwy 80 at the Atlanta Ocean to the Alabama state line and it only took 6 years.”

I will be proud of this accomplishment, and another point, as I go, I am raising awareness concerning Down Syndrome.

Here is a picture where it started for me at Tybee.

manage your resources, Keep Going

Maybe something big has changed your life, maybe you became a caregiver of sorts.

You may have to give up some of your goals, but then again, maybe you don’t have to. Maybe lower them, keep them realistic. You may have to work to achieve your goals at some odd times and in some odd places.

We’ve learned here, to manage the heck out of our resources, be responsible, keep achieving goals and continue to have fun . . .

Section walking across Georgia

Oh, I do enjoy being on what once was a transcontinental highway. It’s so enjoyable to manage whatever occurs.

Section Walking is what’s available to me now, and I will take it.