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Struggles. I have always had them. 

They have came in many forms. For a long time I would become angry when struggles came. I would wonder, why me? I realized, at some point, the concept of struggle in my life is here to stay. I still, on occasion, feel angry. It’s a work in progress, like most of my behavior and responses. I do my best at working through the ones that I may be able to affect. Some, low priority ones, are left to dissipate or fester, and become a higher priority. 

Nevertheless, I am persistent and Keep Going! 

Mom’s place and my room . . . . . 

Listening to mom . . . . . 

She makes at least one call every day. She asks if they are okay, they chit chat, she tells them she loves them, goodbye and hangs up. Most are elderly and have physical challenges. If they don’t answer, it concerns her. 

He had a couple of weeks to live

Pancreatic cancer put him in a wheelchair. We met at Amicalola Falls in North Georgia. He told me he only had a few weeks left. He said he understood for the first time how to love and appreciate life and people. He told me he wanted more time. He passed about 5 weeks later. 

Remembering Neda 

Remembering Neda Agha Soltan. She was shot during the 2009 Iranian election protest.

Agha-Soltan’s death was described as “probably the most widely witnessed death in human history.

keeping up appearances as a runner?

I’ve been reading the blogs of some very strong runners, mostly long distance, and mostly trail runners. I appreciate the candor. Some speak of depression, chronic pain and loneliness, among other things. Some speak of feeling they may have overdone it, and wish they had not. Some even speak of feeling, in reality, that they don’t think they contribute anything useful to humanity. Some speak of feeling as though they have almost abandoned the family they helped creat.

Nope, no links for this. I found them, and I appreciate them. These folks are human. (they are also very fast)

The bad comes mixed in with the good

  I found out these 3 things this evening, all within a 50 minute time span. 

  • A 68 year old friend passed from a heart attack 
  • 62 year old suffered a stroke
  • I received an invitation to speak with someone I have been trying to speak to for a long time. It concerns alzheimer’s 

Amazing. Life is like this a lot. I gotta work through the rough times and enjoy the good times. 

My plans are to Keep on Keeping On. 

Sad or happy? It’s my choice right?

My wife, our two children and I visited the Great Smoky Mountains many times. It’s was good. I drove up a while back to run, jog and walk from Cherokee, North Carolina to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I was on a mission then. This trip is to relax for a couple of days. I wondered when I left Roberta, Georgia, about my mood. When I have been  . . . . . Hold it, I forgot to say something. She is now my ex wife and my children are both in their forties. In the past I have found myself sad, at times such as these. I made a conscious decision on the fly, that I would go forward with energy and enthusiasm on this trip. Yep, mom’s fine, and I am too. 

Another thing. It’s like when you purchase a Volkswagon, you start noticing more of them. Each place I’ve stopped today, I’ve seen lots of folks on their own. Anyway, here’s a picture taken behind the motel. 

A quote from Dr. Seuss

“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened”

I must keep that in mind. I wish I had lived more in the moment. Working at doing that with the time left for me.

Some more of those memories, stirred from today’s drive

This picture was taken today, from the car. I remember being here in 2013, and I was facing traffic and heading north. This is on Highway 129. Sometimes these memories are so vivid. I was headed towards Eatonton. I was hoping later to visit with Emily. Her dad passed away with alzheimer’s disease. I had a great visit with her.