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Sad or happy? It’s my choice right?

My wife, our two children and I visited the Great Smoky Mountains many times. It’s was good. I drove up a while back to run, jog and walk from Cherokee, North Carolina to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I was on a mission then. This trip is to relax for a couple of days. I wondered when I left Roberta, Georgia, about my mood. When I have been  . . . . . Hold it, I forgot to say something. She is now my ex wife and my children are both in their forties. In the past I have found myself sad, at times such as these. I made a conscious decision on the fly, that I would go forward with energy and enthusiasm on this trip. Yep, mom’s fine, and I am too. 

Another thing. It’s like when you purchase a Volkswagon, you start noticing more of them. Each place I’ve stopped today, I’ve seen lots of folks on their own. Anyway, here’s a picture taken behind the motel. 

Pictures from the North Carolina trip

I’ve been to the Great Smoky Mountains many times. This is only the second time alone. I notice things. Good trip. Here are a few pictures. The weather was great.

Pictures from Crawford County, Georgia 

Just outside the Roberta city limits

This road goes to the grass airstrip

The grass airstrip

These folks manufacture epoxy

West of Roberta on 80

A reminder of our mortality