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The National Alzheimer’s Plan 

It was passed unanimously by Congress, and President Obama signed it into law. 

Goal 1: Prevent and Effectively Treat Alzheimer’s Disease by 2025.
Congress, please fund the National Alzheimer’s Plan so the target date of 2025 will be reached. 

From the Salk folks about the possible NIH budget cuts

about the FDA approved test for alzheimer’s disease

The National Institute on Aging 

Congress established the National Institute on Aging at the National Institutes of Health in 1974 to lead a national scientific effort to understand the nature of aging in order to promote the health and well-being of older adults. The Institute was subsequently designated as the lead within NIH for Alzheimer’s disease research. The National Institute on Aging is one of the 27 institutes and centers that make up the NIH, a component of the US Department of Health and Human Services.

The Institutes mission is to: 

  • Support and conduct genetic, biological, clinical, behavioral, social, and economic research related to the aging process, diseases and conditions associated with aging, and other special problems and needs of older Americans..
  • Foster the development of research and clinician scientist in aging.
  • Provide research resources.
  • Communicate information about aging advances in research on Aging to the scientific Community, Healthcare Providers, and the public. 

I copied and pasted this from the NIA Strategic Directions 2016

About a gift to the Salk Institute

It took time for me to learn what I can do in our battle with Alzheimer’s disease #ENDALZ 

Wow, it took awhile huh? I’ve been disrespectful, arrogant, cocky and just plain mixed up. I have also been extremely helpful. I fell 7 times and got up 8. About me, I have learned, I Persist.

The message from me to caregivers is . . . 

  • If you need help, call the Alzheimer’s Association, and anyone else you can think of.

The message from me to Congress is . . . 

  • Please fund the National Alzheimer’s Plan to meet the objective set for 2025. You passed it unanimously and President Obama signed it into law.

The message from me to the public is . . . 

  • Please take care of yourself. Emotional and Physical fitness are key. Google the “Nun Study”
  • Please ask Congress to fund the National Alzheimer’s Plan so the 2025 projection can become a reality. 
  • If you know a caregiver, please offer help.

What would I say to a Congressman/women ?

Not sure, so at this moment, I will not attempt to. I appreciate all the folks that have allowed me to speak with them. Most were thanking me for my efforts. Something has changed for me. I just hope they do the work of the people responsibly. I aim to think of what I would do if I met with one. 

Wow, so many messages this week about death from dementia.  
Yep, not sure right not. I want to help caregivers and help prevent alzheimer’s and help find a cure. Gotta keep at it.  Right?

Yellowstone National Park and Alzheimer’s disease  . . . . . 

I watched a movie that seemed to focus on the lives and struggles of some of the inhabitants of Yellowstone. (not people)

I think, just like our lives, there are good times and times, not so good. The winter season was hardest. The other seasons had hardships, but winter was a constant, never-ending fight! 

I noticed in winter, there seemed to be no time to waller in victory. If they stopped, they were culled out, and they lost. Other seasons offered some rest. 

I thought of our struggle with alzheimer’s disease. We are in a hard winter, so to speak, and we can’t spend much time with congratulations. We have to pay attention to everything. We must forget about “comfort zones.”

$256 billion dollars will be spent on alzheimer’s disease in America, this year. Less than $1 billion dollars will be allocated for alzheimer’s disease research.

Estimates suggest from 30 to 40 % of caregivers are passing before the patient. 

Estimates say 1,309 folks are diagnosed every day in America.  

My opinion is this is a serious time in the alzheimer’s battle. Failure after failure of hopefull clinical trials may lead some to think our theories are not well founded. 

This post, of course, contains my thoughts. 

I’m pretending to be a scientist for a few minutes 

I had good intentions. I wanted to help. I have worked hard and long to accumulate the knowledge I have. I am not without imperfections.  

The unintended consequences of the implementation of part of my work, has, at times, surprised even me. I found information that solved one problem, only to find out much later, that upon implementation, part of my work may have created another problem. The implementation of part of my work may have saved millions of lives. The implementation of part of my work may have cost lives, at other times. 

People used some of my work to disprove ideas a lot of people wanted to believe in. Only later did I find out I was a few hundred thousands years off on my estimates. The time difference may have been important. This may in itself prove, or at least lend to the thought that maybe “science is not a science.” (at least not in the way we choose to think of it)

I stated that certain foods were bad for you and then later, I spoke of it, in a different way.  (maybe the bad is still bad, but maybe some good is mixed in, and maybe later I believed the good out weighs the bad). Some findings of mine have remained completely intact.

I have watched my work become partially or sometimes completely misrepresented for the gain of the folks misrepresenting it.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –  

Jack Fussell has had occasion to meet several scientists. They were all very kind and patient. Does that matter? Yes it does, in my opinion. I respect them. I respect the work they are doing. I recognize they are human. I would not want to be without scientists on our planet. 

I have faith in the scientific community, even with any contradictions, or what may seem like contradictions. 

I know funds are low for research and the competition for those funds are fierce. 

I’m not great at blogging, but I am trying. No college education here. (that’s what you call a disclaimer). 

Here is a link to a story that shines a light on a thought that may be of value . . . . . (my opinion)

Remember, take my thoughts in and chew them up and spit out the bones. I may change my mind later. (disclaimer) 

What’s the point of this post? At this particular moment, I’m not sure. 

Chasing a Cure for Alzheimer’s . . . . . #ENDALZ 

The funding is low and slow, but somewhere on our little planet may be the genesis of the thought, that will lead to a cure. It’ll come. Somebody will trip over it or see it coming a mile away, and grab it. It may be a young scientists or it could be one nearing retirement. The idea could come from a casual conversation between two neuroscientists. A light bulb will come on. The cure is out there! We gotta Keep Going! 

I found something on the road. I didn’t need it, so I tucked it away in a pocket. Later that day I overheard someone describe what they were searching for. I realized I had one just like it in my pocket.