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some stuff from ORMF – Down syndrome mentioned

About research scientist Robert Pezza, Ph.D.

the number one killer in America

The estimates are between 700,000 and 900,000 per year that lose their lives to heart disease. Those figures are for America alone, and are for one year . The Articles mention that most of these folks are obese. Is also mentioned that the problem is worsening every year.

I was obese for probably around 20 years myself. I can’t figure out why I did that and let that stand. The reason I changed it was fear of going back in the Intensive Care Unit again.

I think those figures come out to anywhere between 2000 and 2500 people every single day dying from heart disease.

From NBC – walking is good stuff

Science shows that placing one foot in front of the other leads to some seriously impressive mental and physical benefits.

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Major medical breakthrough in Alzheimer’s research

Thank you LD

Colorado team working on a cure for Alzheimer’s

Dr. Potter says that on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest excitement level, he is at 7 at this point.

Will people with Down syndrome unlock the mystery of Alzheimer’s disease?

Michael Clayburgh has a long family history of Alzheimer’s and his grandfather died from the disease.

Clayburgh is now on the front lines of unraveling the causes of the disease that has so devastated his family because of a condition he carries — Down syndrome

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the NIH and Down syndrome

This legislation provides NIH with the opportunity to not only expand its current efforts on Down syndrome and commonly co-occurring conditions in individuals with Down syndrome that are also seen in the general population, such as Alzheimer’s disease/dementia, autism, cataracts, celiac disease, congenital heart disease, diabetes, and immune system . . . . .

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Some thoughts – Type 1 diabetes

Looking at the category tables for money assigned to disease, for research, Type 1 and Type 2 are lumped together. In those tables the NIH estimates that from 5 to 10% of diabetes is Type 1.

My gut tells me that most folks think Type 1 diabetes is a done deal, don’t need research, it can be controlled, let’s move on.

For those that feel that way, there is no taking into account the lifestyle Type 1 diabetes dictates. It’s pretty damn rough. It’s a 24/7 issue for the parents, the patient and the siblings.

There is no cure, just treatment, and it’s expensive, time consuming, stressful and painful.

In my opinion, we can’t stop here, not even close to here. I’ve been near the trenches for a few days and I was absolutely shocked at what I saw.

Here’s a link to those tables . . .

Scientists- Alzheimer’s- Beth Stevens

appreciating the National Institute of Health

Trying to learn more took me to the NIH Categorical Spending page this afternoon. It’s setup by disease in alphabetical order.

Just looking at the amount of disease names left me in awe of the responsibility they have.

Here’s a link to the page I was studying . . . . .