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a caregiver story

she came out on U.S.Highway 70 to tell me she was a caregiver for her mom, and that she, as the caregiver, was struggling some. She had not heard of the Alzheimer’s Association, so she took one of my cards and agreed to give me some feed back.

A couple of months later she phoned me to say she made the call, listened, heard something she liked and had already attended two support group meetings. The last time we chatted she is still involved with the Alzheimer’s Association.

This happened in 2013 while I was crossing America.

5 benefits of support group meetings 

  1. You find out you’re not alone 
  2. You find a sense of control knowing you’re taking action 
  3. Folks will listen to your feelings 
  4. Answers come to some of your questions 
  5. Stress is reduced 

    Here’s a link to the Alzheimer’s Association’s website. Type the words “support group” in the search box and read about an extremely valuable resource;

    If you’d rather talk to someone, call 1.800.272.3900. 

    Support groups help. Empathy is practiced there.