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Leading questions can be very misleading

A lawmaker at the Capitol building in Atlanta Georgia once told me this, a couple years ago.

” If I ask individuals to name the 10 most pressing problems facing us today, diseases are rarely brought up. But if I ask individuals, and name almost any disease, if it’s important, almost all say yes.”

So leading questions, if you repeat the mechanics of it wrong, can be very misleading.

I don’t have any training concerning this type of thing, but I feel like I have a basic understanding, and I can see what he was talking about.

a great message from Tyler Cooper


2 serious illnesses, one passed away

Within about two weeks of each other, two of my friends had serious health problems. One is close to 60 years old and one was 52. The 52 year old had a stroke and passed away within 24 hours. The 60 year old had multiple blood clots in his leg and some made it into his lungs.

Both of them had similar backgrounds with sports, but that was a long time back. In more recent years their endeavors had them sitting several hours every day.

“Sitting is the new smoking” has become one of the new battle cries of folks that are working to inform folks that longer life may not equal quality of life.

I know anything may happen to any of us at any time, but the so called “experts” claim that sitting more than 45 minutes without at least a short walk increases the risk of an early death.

about “Mental Toughness”

I saw this on Twitter a few minutes ago on Ian Kremer’s time line

August 5, 2018 pictures on my walk

pictures from yesteryear

August 4, 2018 pictures

a good day

the mustangs were on my mind when I woke up.

up early, breakfast, 3 miles in the neighborhood and then a walk to their ranch.

The 2 mustangs are adjusting well, in my layman’s opinion. Feels neat to walk up, they walk away, persistence pays off as I stay relatively still and talk to them with no eye contact. They come close, and then closer. Moon lets me touch her, Arrow backs away, barely out of reach. Maybe next time.

What a Great Big Beautiful memory

This is near Williams, Arizona, just a stone’s throw from Interstate 40. I had turned around and was facing east.