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Watch “Children’s Hospital Employee With Down Syndrome Inspires Doctors, Patients” on YouTube

stuff about our section walk across Georgia

In 2013 we stepped up on U.S.Highway 80 in the north part of Savannah, we headed west. In downtown Macon we turned north. In late 2014 we took the Dixie Overland Highway from its beginning, at Tybee Island, and headed west. Again, soon thereafter we turned north. In 2016 we began walking west, on 80, where we had turned north before. The 2013 and 2014 trips sealed every foot on foot from Tybee to downtown Macon.

Whenever possible, we are continuing on, on 80, to Phoenix City, Alabama.

The reason is to create excitement within me, to help me Keep Going. In about 85 miles, we will have completed a section walk across Georgia.

We will be able to say that we walked across Georgia using every legal part of U.S.Highway 80 available, and that it only took me 6 years. (smiling here)

In 2013, we crossed Georgia on foot using many roads.

After that, we will see. For now, we are enjoying this section walk, it’s fun doing this.

Managing the time and the responsibilities to be able to do this feels good. As always, I have a lot of help.

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thoughts on folks with Down Syndrome

I feel that people with Down Syndrome can aspire, inspire, motivate, encourage, fail and succeed, just like I do. I also think they need help, from time to time, just like I do.

Section walking across Georgia

Oh, I do enjoy being on what once was a transcontinental highway. It’s so enjoyable to manage whatever occurs.

Section Walking is what’s available to me now, and I will take it.

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Goal #2 – Macon to Columbus

In the past, we have been on foot from the beginning of U.S.Highway 80, at Tybee Island, to Academy Sports in Macon, Georgia, that’s where we turned north before.

Something is pushing me to go to Academy Sports and walk to the Alabama State Line using mostly Highway 80 and 22.

The difficulty will be finding the time, and possibly the pain. It feels so important to try and continue on as much as possible.

It’s about 100 miles, give or take a little.

This feels like an important time for me.

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