some advice from an article

Reading this morning. It was advice from some long time climbers, skiers and trail runners. They mostly agreed that skill should be accumulated in any sport, especially any that could cause serious injury to your body. Even if you have a lot of experience, if you haven’t been out there in awhile, easing back into your sport decreases your chance of getting hurt. They say if you can’t commit to the time to do it right, you might wait until you have the time.

Thinking back, their is a good possibility I would not have experienced the injuries and the pain I have, and continue to have, if I had managed my trail running with some structured thinking.

Blog update 2/28/2015

Oklahoma City
less than ideal conditions, way less. lots of snow and ice now on the road. not much traffic.


the extended forecast is looking better than we have been having.

this is the last night staying at the home of Steve Lein. he has been an incredible host. the man upstairs put him here at just the right time.

the next Alzheimer’s Association office is in Amarillo, Texas. setting my sights on Amarillo!! 2 & 1/2 weeks away.

I feel good. i feel strong.

thank you for reading my blog

late posts from the University of Oklahoma

I spoke with these people at the university the other day. I meant to post their pictures that day. I am not sure how they got by me. Well, I guess better late than never.

These two guys stopped. They were working at the university. They were so encouraging to me. So encouraging.


I actually stopped this young lady, by inquiring about the words on the front of her shirt. She said someone had given it to her.


last day of February

February has been my worst month of running in a long time. maybe the word worst is to strong. the miles have been low. the main problem has been the weather. that will soon change.

as soon as the weather clears to my liking i will be rushing back out there for some more miles.

the lack of running has provided some time to read more and reflect about where i have been and where i am wanting to go. this time has been productive.

i am managing my resources and keeping a lifelong attitude.

i want to run, jog and walk for a long time.

thank you for reading my blog

why does a captain go down with his ship

i was given this explanation:

he took responsibility for it. he could never abandon it unless he feels assured it will not not hurt anyone. he has to park it. he can’t jump off and just hope it does not run into someone. he has to steer it to its final resting place. he took ownership for it.

why i blog (write)

over the years I’ve had many failed attempts at keeping a daily journal. usually with a daily planner. i hope that this format will keep me motivated to record my daily life if only for posterity and my own future enjoyment of what will soon be past events. I do not pretend to believe that anyone other than myself really cares about what I will be putting in here (well, maybe my mother) but obviously I’m leaving the possibility open that others may. anyway, this is something i am sure i will look back on in the future.

thank you for reading my blog

Blog update 2/27/2015

Oklahoma City
the high today was 20 degrees. snow again this afternoon. ready for warmer weather. it doesn’t matter any more if it is dry or not. (haha) this weather blows my mind. grabbing some rest while i can. developing patience and confidence every day with every move.

i know my dad and brother are looking down and feeling proud of my efforts.

getting set to make a run on Amarillo. this is my run. it has become that in the truest since. doing my thing and shifting as i see fit.

running alone, but with some special people in my heart every minute.

this is a good life, helping others, i am on it and living it to the fullest.

i feel good.  i feel strong.

thank you for reading my blog

second time – Oklahoma City

The first time I traveled through Oklahoma City was about two years ago, in 2013. I had yet to go any further west than Little Rock, Arkansas, at that point. I was in the midst of a seven month trip between Savannah, Georgia and Monterey, California for the Alzheimer’s Association. The last time the weather offered up tornadoes, this time snow, ice and cold temperatures.

the icy/snowy weather

What a weird winter. After spending so long with snow and ice seemingly every few days, I am looking forward to some warmer weather. Honestly, other than cabin fever I was personally essentially unaffected by the weather, but I know some people’s lives were massively disrupted. I feel fortunate. I will get the miles done.

building awareness

one day recently i was on the phone with Jake Brown. he thought i said building awareness and he thought that phrase sounded pretty good. actually I had said spreading awareness. since then i favor the phrase “building awareness”. it has to be built at many different levels.

it seems lately that i have been led into many situations where i have been able to share with people that do not have a connection with alzheimers disease. most seem shocked at what i say. most have heard the word alzheimers, and that it is bad. most have not heard the definition of “bad”

so many of these interactions lately. very rewarding to me to be able to do this. these interactions are what will be required to inform enough of the electorate, to put alzheimers disease on the radar of our lawmakers.

one of the Advocates for the Alzheimer’s Association in Atlanta,  Georgia told me the other day, the one on one is necessary.

i am making a big difference. if i can, so can others.

thank you for reading my blog