My clinical trial about Alzheimer’s

My grandparents

Henry 1887 – 1959 73 years old

Laura. 1896 – 1983 87 years old

Charlie 1895 – 1977 82 years old

Della 1903 – 1964 61 years old

Average lifespan was 76 years. No Alzheimer’s. No infant mortality here.

Chemicals began pouring into our bodies in approximately 1957. If, as they say now, Alzheimer’s can take 25 to 30 years to manifest itself, none of these folks should have had Alzheimer’s if the chemicals caused it, and none did.

Think how long the children of my grandparents took the chemicals in. Some of the children should have had Alzheimer’s if the chemicals caused it, and some of them did have it, quite a few.

Chemicals were fertilizer, pesticides, herbacides, growth stuff, preservatives and probably other stuff too.

Alzheimer’s is the most devastating, costly and far reaching disease in history and many believe we waited to long to respond.

some thoughts about the opioid situation

I’ve been prescribed them four different times, all for pain. I only had the prescription filled one time, never took the medication, used ibuprofen instead.

I have one young friend who has had problems with opioids and he says he was never prescribed the medication. He said it came from a friend, the initial batch.

I read in a couple of articles, that over half of the people addicted to opiods were not-prescribed them, and the article said most of those folks got theirs from friends and family.

I saw a news report that spoke of how the pharmaceutical companies and doctors are prescribing them in record numbers. I think the implications were that it was just so they could make money, with no thought as to what it could hurt.

I don’t remember what the projected cost is per year, but I remember when I did see it one time, I was amazed it would be so high.



Who’s fault was it I was obese ?

A well meaning friend seemed bound and determined to convince me that the reason I was overweight for so long, lay with others.  This will not be a long post.

It was my fault !!

NIH Pulls the Plug on Controversial Drinking Study Funded by Big Alcohol

Watch “Maddie Zahm & Marcus with Downs Syndrome on American Idol” on YouTube

Today is his birthday

He is my little friend and today is the one year anniversary of his birth. I think about him every day, especially when I run.

Watch “Sacred Spirit – Ly-O-Lay Ale Loya (The Counterclockwise Circle Dance)” on YouTube

Watch “The Death Crawl scene from Facing the Giants” on YouTube

does it raise awareness?

Running, jogging, walking long distances. I can only speak for me, but all the folks doing this stuff for one thing or another, have raised my awareness, about a lot of different things.

Honestly, I think it’s safe to say that it raises awareness for a bunch of folks. Television, newspaper, radio, magazine interviews, meet n greets work, and other stuff too.

Yeah, going long distances on foot raises awareness.

A thought filled quote

“Light will often pierce the darkness when we least expect it, and if we are fortunate, when we need it most. Science can pave the way, but we need human hands to guide us, and love to illuminate the path that lies ahead.”     Jennifer Worth