who came out to the road to see me

During the 2013 trip across America, I was on foot for 2,594 miles. I pushed a jogging stroller. The purpose was to raise awareness and money for the Alzheimer’s Association. 

People drove out to meet me. It was very rare for someone to speak of my running gear. Some spoke about the stroller, but the overwhelming majority wanted to talk about alzheimer’s disease. Some of them were able to bring the alzheimer’s patient with them.  

The visits on the road were probably my favorite part of the Journey. 

what am I doing? 

I am in Roberta, Georgia. A beautiful little place due west of Macon. Mom lIves here and I am here helping. She is 87 years old and will soon be 88.

I continue to do what I can, when I can, to raise awareness and money for the Alzheimer’s Association. Dad died with alzheimer’s disease in 2000.

1979, Jerome H. Stone and representatives from several family support groups met with the National Institute on Aging to explore the value of a national, independent, nonprofit organization to complement federal efforts surrounding Alzheimer’s disease. That meeting resulted in the April 10, 1980, formation of the Alzheimer’s Association with Mr. Stone as founding president.

Today, the Association reaches millions of people affected by Alzheimer’s across the globe through their national office and more than 75 local chapters. As the largest donor-supported, voluntary health organization for Alzheimer’s, the Association is a catalyst for advancements in Alzheimer’s research and care.

Mom and family, that is near, have come up with ideas that will let me leave mom’s side a few days here and their. Those days will be spent seeing family, friends and helping with the fight with alzheimer’s disease. 

I am so thankful to be able to help in our global fight against a horrific disease. 

Let your eyes look straight ahead, fix your gaze directly before you. Give careful thought to the paths for your feet and be steadfast in all your ways.”
Proverbs 4: 25-26

Roberta, Georgia 

feeling thankful 

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it, is like wrapping a present and not giving it”         William Arthur Ward

Every relationship has the power to teach us something. 

I am very thankful to everyone that has influenced my life. I’m thankful for folks that helped, that I know nothing about. I’m thankful to God for life. 

Tuesday, July 26th, 2016

If you know of anyone that may need information concerning alzheimers disease, please ask them to call 1.800.272.3900 Anytime. The call will be answered by a trained counselor for the Alzheimer’s Association. 

The sky here at 6:16 pm 


Running with a purpose is a lot easier for me, than just running. 


A sports psychologists told me that he thinks most folks start something new and do it way to much.They experience burnout, or problems resulting from letting other things slide.


I seem to be developing it. It’s tested, for me, when I face a “want” and a “responsibility” and must do the responsible. 

My streak is very much alive at 45 straight days. 7 miles, at least, each day.

My favorite quote of all time:

“When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, ‘I used everything you gave me”
Erma Bombeck

Roberta, Georgia 

Monday, July 25th, 2016

It feels good to end my walk in mom’s yard and cool off

God gifted us with this beautiful planet. I have to do my part in taking care of it. In order to help, I need to be healthy. I excercise regularly and I need to “Sharpen the Saw” often enough to give my best effort. 

When I need a little rest, as a general rule, I can’t stop helping mom and I dare not stop my excercise routine. I must take the “alzheimer’s” cap off and rest a few days. In fact, I symbolically remove the Alzheimer’s signs from the car. After resting up for a bit, the signs go back on the car, and I put the cap back on and go again.

no signs on the car while I am resting

I jog, walk and talk in order to raise awareness and money for the Alzheimer’s Association. My dad died with alzheimer’s disease in June of 2000. Millions of folks all over the world have died with this disease. Their is no cure. 

Over 17,000 miles on foot since June 1st, 2012.

I have covered 7 miles, every day, for 45 days straight. The miles were all on foot. I use the Charity Miles application to keep a history and to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association. 

Roberta, Georgia 

Sunday, July 24th, 2016

Beautiful, hot, still day. Most of my miles were completed in 96° temperature. No running and no jogging. The miles today were walked. Drank plenty of water and took my time. I got in some shade from time to time. 

Managing my resources Mark!

96° at the time of this picture

pop up thunderstorm coming?

It’s a good feeling to get back to the house and step in a room that is 78°. It’s good because I earned it. Contrast, sometimes, is important to me.This was and still is a good day. I made it count. I raised awareness and money for the Alzheimer’s Association. I excercised.

4:49 pm and the rain is here and it is all good

Roberta, Georgia 

lots of travelers 

being here, in Roberta and getting out on U.S. Highway 80 almost every day has provided me with a point of view. I believe their are a lot more long distance travelers (bicycle and foot) than most of us have ever imagined and I think a lot of them do not use any social media. I have met several personally and I speak with long time residents here and they have spoke with many. 

The five I met here used no social media at all. I don’t know about the ones the locals met. I have realized it takes a certain spark in a person, to even notice the travelers as they ease through a town. 

I met several in other parts of the country and only a couple used social media. 

These folks do not have the look of being homeless. The bicycles are nice and the gear is the good stuff. Almost all of the foot travelers used a stroller. 

I use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WordPress, and they use mothing.

One young man I met near Seligman, Arizona was a little different. He used a stroller. He posted on Facebook each Sunday evening. Just posted where he was and how far he had gone both that week and in total. Nothing else.He last post said simply “I am finished and I am going home”

I don’t know why, but this all fascinates me.

Roberta, Georgia 

Saturday, July 23rd, 2016

Took this picture in Musella, Georgia

The 7 miles is finished for today. It’s Saturday so I spoke with lots of folks.

I met a long distance bicyclists. Lots of miles on a bike and lots on a surfboard. No social media. He likes connecting beside the road. Here is a picture. 

He was sent to reassure me and it worked

I feel Strong! I am a very persistent man. 

The streak is at 43 days at 7 miles daily on Charity Miles. Hope you will join me. I appreciate you! 

Roberta, Georgia 

no social media !!

Since January 24th, 2016, I have lived 1/4 of a mile from U.S. Highway 80. I jog and walk on it almost daily. I have met 5 long distance travelers.They were either on foot or a bicycle. 

No social media for these folks. All in great shape. The distance traveled by 2 of them escapes me. Most sleep wherever. No motel types. Smart phones yes, but no social media. 

I am in total awe of these men

Here is a picture of one. 

 Roberta, Georgia 

drove home from Little Rock, AR 

I had been on foot pushing my stroller. I started at Skidaway Island State Park near Savannah, Georgia. I was in Little Rock and found out mom was sick and her husband was in intensive care. 

Caught a ride to a rental car place, I rented a car, loaded the stroller in the trunk, and drove to Valdosta, Georgia. I made sure all was okay. I drove back to Little Rock, and kept going. This was in 2013.

Her husband died on March 12th, 2016.