Heading west on foot soon – Day 2

Wow, what a wild day yesterday. With that decision made, I got up this morning, snapped the BOB Stroller into the “Go” position and took it with me on my 1/2 mile barefoot walk. In fact, it carried my phone and reading glasses.

A couple of cars passed, slowed down and tried to see what the baby looked like. They were disappointed. No baby.

Later in the day I jogged again. Ah, total for the day is 6.78 miles.

16 days until we get out on Highway 341 again. We will do what we can.

Heading west on foot soon – Day 1

It’s been an extremely busy 4 years for me. I was looking for 2016 to be as busy, but in a different sort of way. Another trip across America, but not the same as before. Something deep inside of me wanted this Journey to be a little different.

The 2016 trip was planned in a way that I could spend more of my talking time with rural Americans.

Also, in 2013 when I went from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean, I was on foot 2,594 miles and in a car 450.

The 2016 Journey was planned in a way that would allow me to cross America on foot every step of the way. This part is personal.

No time limit on the 2016 Journey.

I was able to start the 2016 trip on January 1st of this year, as planned. I left St. Simon’s Island, Georgia and my destination was set for Monterey, California.

Ah, but “Life” happened.

On January 25th, I headed to mom’s and have been there ever since. She lost her husband and best friend on March 12th.

I help mom, as needed, and I have maintained my fitness level. That is important to mom, my fitness.(she remembers before the ICU visit)

I have been able to continue my mission, albeit in a much smaller way.

I considered the 2016 Journey over.

Mom started talking yesterday about me continuing the Journey, in sections. This evening we had family over and spoke of it, in much detail.

The idea is to drive me back to Hazlehurst, Georgia, drop the BOB Stroller and I off and then I travel on foot to mom’s house.(she lives on the route)

That’s about 114 miles. No rush.Once I get to mom’s, we will convene once more and see how we all feel and then make decisions from there, about the future of the Journey.

Mom, Scott, his wife and their children want to help me do this.

They have offered to fill in the gaps.

Mom will not suffer logistically in any way. I will phone 2 – 3 times daily and would come home immediately, if she asked me to. Right now, her spirit is Strong for this. In fact, this was her idea!

So here is plan. On June 5th they will drive me to Hazlehurst, Georgia. They will go home. I will stay in a motel.The next morning, on June 6th, I will head west with my stroller.

17 days until the stroller and I get back on Highway 341 and head West.

thought things were good

Sometimes, as a caregiver, you ask for help from family. Sometimes the stress you already felt, increases dramatically, upon hearing their answers.

She said she became a caregiver for her dad. She finally moved from far away to move in and take care of him. She left her son and his family behind. He is a manager of a well know coffee shop.

The new caregiver has a sister that lives about 6 miles from her dad. Over a several week period of communication, she found out her sister’s “perfect life”, is far from perfect. Her sister and husband have a myriad of family problems that will keep them from helping much. In the past, the caregivers sister had always exclaimed that things were great. It seems they were not.

My friend says the problems in her sisters life are real. She loves her sister and hurts for her.

Near the end of our conversation she told me that she misses her son and his family deeply, caregiving is hard and now she wishes she could help her sister.

She told me that she will contact the Alzheimer’s Association via the toll free number. The number is 1.800.272.3900 and it’s available 24/7.

Thursday, May 19th, 2016 – my run

Honesty right? Yep, of course. I sat in my room, it’s time for my run. I thought maybe later this afternoon huh? (lazy) I glanced over at my shoes.


Ah, a million thoughts go through my mind . . . . . as I slip on the Brooks shoes. Then the Ipod at just the right volume. On with the vest with water and out to the carport.


I walk for 10 minutes towards Highway 80. Make the turn. On 80 now. Move it up to a jog for a couple of hundred yards and then back to walking. This time doing some waving. Kinda mess around until I show a mile on Charity Miles.

For the next 30 minutes, I’m jogging. Feeling good now. The drivers all move over . . . . . and they wave.


Back to mom’s. It’s a good feeling. No excuses today. I got it done!

RAK – one persons thoughts

Random Act of Kindness Day is an unofficial holiday celebrated each year on February 17. The purpose of this special day is to urge people to be kind to each other, especially those they don’t know, without any specific reason.

The philosophy behind Random Acts of Kindness Day is altruism, which is selfless concern for the welfare of others. A traditional virtue and a core aspect of many religions, altruism is basically the opposite of selfishness.

Altruism concentrates on the desire to do good or help others without reward. Although the key to altruistic behavior is not being concerned with reward, doing good does have its benefits. Those who perform random acts of kindness often find that doing so reduces stress and boosts their self-esteem, leading to better physical and emotional health.

As you perform random acts of kindness for others, you will likely find that some people wish to return the favor. Instead of accepting their offer, ask them to “pay it forward” instead. The phrase “pay it forward” refers to the idea of requesting that a kindness be repaid by having it done to others instead. In this small, simple way, you can encourage others to keep the kindness flowing!

Here is a link to where the words above, came from


Thursday, May 19th, 2016 – morning

A friend told me of a lady she knew. It was about the phrase “Random Act of Kindness” and how the lady incorporated RAK into her life.

If she thought of an atrocity from the past or one going on now, she would do an RAK immediately.

She wanted good to come from the bad.

It it rained last night here in Roberta. It’s beautiful out here this morning , it’s still wet and cloudy , but beautiful.

Right now I am sitting on mom’s deck and listening to doves.

more about prayer

Does real faith in God mean action should follow prayer.

If a man prays for a company but does not invest in it, with his time or money, how much faith is he showing to the company itself. Does that matter?

Is the world possibly becoming tired of the endless chain of prayers without any action, and is that why most problems continue.

When you pray for a non profit, should your prayer be followed up with volunteerism or money?

These are a sample of questions I am being made aware of.

I tried something a few minutes ago. I prayed for the Alzheimer’s Association and immediately followed it up with a donation. The feeling was good. I have donated before, but without prayer and I have prayed before without donating.

From this day forth I will try to follow up prayer with some type of action, even it is a Random Act of Kindness.

a quote concerning prayer

Get on your knees and pray, then get on your feet and work.”
Gordon B. Hinckley

President Hinckley was known, even at the age of 95, as a tireless leader who always put in a full day at the office and traveled extensively around the world to mix with Church members, now numbering nearly 13 million in 171 nations.

one caregivers needs

She has been an alzheimer’s caregiver for 6 years. First it was her sister and now her dad. She said it is so exhausting and seems endless. 

In a phone conversation recently I ask her what she needs.

Respite care
Errands ran
Some home cooking
Help with household chores
Help with laundry
Someone to sit and listen

She said she does have friends that offer every few months or so, to physically help, but everyone offers prayers.

I had a visitor today . . .

I have struggled almost each day since I arrived at mom’s on January 25th of this year. The struggle comes from my desire to be providing “real help” and “meaningful” support when I get involved in a task. I need what I am doing to make sense to me. Even when I am searching for the “best thing to do”, I will do something.

But their comes a point that I need to feel like I know what is most important, and do that. Then by reflection, usually every couple of weeks, I see how it all feels and make necessary adjustments and go again.

I hit that point a few days ago. What am I going to do? I have asked for God’s help.

Today, out of the clear blue, help called, and later parked in mom’s driveway. She spent 2 hours questioning me. When she finished, she drove away. I know what to do now. She told me I probably knew before she arrived. I don’t know about that. She may be right. Maybe I needed validation.

It’s about the caregivers! Time to get busy!