Thank you

Although there are many paths up the mountain, one small step is the only way to begin the climb. And always remember you are not alone and there will be help along the way.”


Some help I knew of and some not.

Across the Land appreciates all of the help from everyone. We have all made a lot of impact in the fight with alzheimers disease. Here are a few impact points.

  • $34,000 donated to the Alzheimer’s Association
  • Over 60 television interviews that mentioned the Alzheimer’s Association
  • Over 100 newspaper interviews that mentioned the Alzheimer’s Association
  • Over 20 radio interviews that mentioned the Alzheimer’s Association
  • Gave out the 24/7 helpline to thousands of people
  • Shared a lot of information personally to caregivers that helped them deal with alzheimers disease

I ran a little, jogged a little more than ran, and probably walked the majority of the time. I’m not a public speaker, not a media relations kind of person and not a fund raiser and I am not a counselor. That may let some reading this, know how much help I received.

In reality, I ran, jogged and walked a lot of miles. Someone else did the rest. Again, to that someone, thank you for letting me be a part of working with you to help in the fight with alzheimers disease.

Saturday post – a milestone reached

November 28th, 2015.        5:12pm

15,000  miles for the total project in 1271 days

I drove to Amicalola Falls. What’s new huh? The park was in overflow condition by around noon. I knew I needed 7 miles to reach the milestone of 15,000 miles, so I took it easy. The weather was ideal, with the high near 65 and no clouds.


from Google Images

I am guessing I had 4 or 5 conversations with past caregivers. I had one young man tell me a little about losing his grandmother to alzheimers. His finals words as he walked away were “I sure loved granny”

Awesome from England

I see her a lot going up and downs the stairs.


Jessica – trail runner & backpacker


at Amicalola Falls State Park

Awesome young lady. We spoke of alzheimers and Salomon shoes

Friday night post

November 27th, 2015.    9:48pm

14,993 miles for the total project in 1270 days

At Amicalola Falls all day. I guess I was wrong. I didn’t think I would be excited about hitting the 15,000 mile mark. I am 7 miles from it and I am excited. I should have that by tomorrow afternoon.

Big day for me. 21 miles in honor of my friend Tyler.

Met an ex college cross country runner. She moved pretty swiftly. Here she is.


I would have ran with her but did not want to hurt her feelings. lotsa laughs

Great seeing the park staff. Great seeing some old friends and making new ones.

I’m thinking that someone told a lot of people about me being there today, because I had a tremendous amount of people come up to talk to me. The number of folks that continue to thank me for my service can overwhelm me sometimes

A beautiful family

The dad, mom, two boys and a girl. We met in the lobby of the lodge. One of the boys had a football. If I have ever met a nicer group, I don’t remember it. They were all so sweet and encouraging. I was kind of tired and forgot to ask for a picture. 

From Germany


photo by her friend

We met a few years back here at Amicalola. A very encouraging young lady.

I eat a lot of this

November 27th, 2015.    8:36am

Mountain House dehydrated food. You rip off the top, pour the boiling water in, zip lock it shut, wait about 9 minutes open it, and eat it straight from the bag using a throw away spoon. When you are finished eating, drop the spoon in the bag, roll it up and it’s ready to be thrown away. Nothing to clean.


picture from Google Images

This stove will boil the water in about 1 & 1/2 to 2 minutes. Again, nothing to clean.


from Google Images

This food tastes good and has good calories in it. A lot of folks use this when hiking the Appalachian Trail.

Preparing to make a difference

November 27th, 2015.    5:13am

The people I encounter during this Journey are important. They deserve my best.

Possibly, unbeknownst to me, everything I have been through was preparing me for this trip. I like to think it has been. I will do my best and it will be good. I will affect, in a positive manner a lot of folks. To expect anything less than that is not acceptable. I have been blessed with a lot of information and now it is time to share it. I also recognize that I will be blessed with more information from others . I am ready for that too.

I’m ready, willing and able!

I am truly haunted by what I have seen

I have realized that I am much different than before. Today, two members of my family asked if I was okay. I feel different than I did when the time was drawing near to leave on the 2013 journey.

Maybe then the faces were not there. They sure are now. The faces of hundreds of caregivers and patients. The faces of homeless people that I spent time with. The faces of Veterans.The faces of native americans. The faces of human beings that don’t know what to do next.

How can I walk away from that? How do I sit and engage in small talk any more? How can I pretend it doesn’t exist? I was there and I was there on foot. I witnessed the struggles. I saw adults crying, without much hope left.

I don’t have much, but I am willing to share what little I have. I need to tell you this so you will know.

It may be wrong of me to expect folks to want to be near me that have a different view.