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Social distancing

I’m no scientist. Social distancing makes sense to this layman.

Mom and I haven’t had visitors in her house in several days. We have been outside to walk, get mail and walk the dog. We do not get near anyone, as we do this.

We spend a few minutes every day speaking about the best practices we hear and read about, with hopes that it has an affect on us.

Mom hasn’t been near anyone but me in a long time. She is 91 years old.

My trips out are carefully planned to reduce exposure and they are infrequent.

We do not allow this virus to paralyze us. We continue on with our exercise, we put puzzles together, watch Netflix and walk the dog. In fact, a few miles have been traveled inside, walking a path through the different rooms.

I jog in the street in front of mom’s house and never come within 15 feet of anyone. On occasion, I drive to Middle Georgia State University and jog. In front of mom’s house and at the University, I do not even get near the path of others.

My jogging at Middle Georgia State University are synchronized with a necessary visit to the grocery store.

This is serious stuff, in my opinion.

Life is Good and I am grateful for many things.

A paraphrased line from a movie . . .

Your mom died, your dad died, I’m dying from cancer, and hell, one day you will die too, but until then, you do everything you possibly can, to stay alive

The first time I heard that was many years ago, but it sticks with me. That’s Good Stuff . . .

There’s a lot of helpers out there . . .

Life outside the womb began with a medical team that possibly helped me take my first breath and be on my way.

After that, there’s no telling how many people have helped me.

My parents, other family, neighbors, teachers, doctors, nurses, friends, policemen, fireman, waiters, waitresses, teachers, and on and on and on.

This morning a corporation helped by having a store where we could pick up stuff. There were helpers there to sell us what we needed and they had unpacked it and put it on a shelf for me to see. A truck driver had delivered stuff to that store, for them to unpack and me to purchase. The story goes on.

Twice in my life I was able to continue breathing because of helpers such as doctors, nurses, administrators and innovators that invented and built machines that kept me alive.

I am extremely grateful for all the help received. There’s been an abundance of it, and there will be more.

Samsung Health

It’s an application that came with my Samsung S9.

My health is extremely important to me and I have a lifelong attitude concerning it.

The application is simple to use and serves my purpose.

It can track many things and I look at all of them occasionally, but most of my interest is on 1) total steps per day 2) healthy steps per day

The slow jogging I incorporated into my regimen equals approximately 3000 steps per mile.

My 2020 daily average as of February 29th is 9620 total steps per day and 4325 healthy steps per day.

My daily average for March is 11,504 total steps per day and 5757 healthy steps per day.

The pace of the slow jogging (healthy steps) is approximately 15 minute miles.

No goals yet, but I shoot for, at least 10,000 total steps per day and 4000* healthy steps per day.

I need to go to work!!

* Changed from 6000 to 4000, after deliberation.

Settling down for a long run . . .

On March 8th 2020, my blog post was about setting a new goal.

My feeling is that to reach age 100, I will need to take care of myself, in every way possible, mentally and physically.

Occasionally, I may challenge myself, but most of my time will be spent being persistent and doing things in moderation.

As far as mialage goes, right now my plans are to slow jog approximately 3.5 miles daily.

I use my stationary bicycle, stretch, work on my balance and do a little yoga.

My meals are mostly what’s considered healthy food, but not always.

“Live to age 100”

A couple of pictures from my morning

This is between Roberta and Macon, Georgia. Every time, well almost every time, mom looks to see what they are doing. When it’s cold, she feels sorry for them.
This is the walking track at Middle Georgia State University, Macon Campus.
This is also at Middle Georgia State University.

I show up, and do the work! That’s Good Stuff!

March 19th 2020

The step count for March so far is 223,174.

Mom and I are are doing a good job at social distancing and we feel good about it. If it’s not a necessity, we won’t get close. If it is, we take precautions.

From this morning
Shared from Dr. Steve Barger

I’m waiting on stuff that I will get to Steve Fugate. He’s walking across America again.

My book “Across America on Foot” should be here tomorrow.

The COVID – 19 virus situation has stimulated a lot of research on my part. Before now, I didn’t know how serious the flue is.


“Don’t ever let someone tell you, you can’t do something. Not even me. You got a dream, you got to protect it. People can’t do something themselves, they want to tell you you can’t do it. You want something, go get it. Period.” Pursuit of Happiness