Does traveling long distances on foot raise awareness?

I have followed, to some degree or another, every walker/runner that has come to my attention, that is going long distances on foot.

Every person I have followed that states they are on foot for a cause would get a good feeling from my track record. Sooner or later, I pick up my smartphone and begin searching with Google about why they are out there, and my awareness absolutely, about the cause they speak, gets raised. It doesn’t seem, for me, to have much to do with them personally, other than their effort, that’s enough for me.

I spoke with one man that said he has followed me for years, but has trouble remembering my cause. Maybe some folks, no matter what, will not have their awareness raised, but I would think most would.

I personally think being on foot a long ways and letting folks know about it and telling everyone why consistently with social media, is a great way to raise awareness. They have all raised mine.

How many steps for better health? – from the NIH

Death rates declined with more steps taken each day until about 7,500 steps a day, when the benefit leveled off.

The paragraph above came from the article the link below will take you too.

an achievement

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I lost the weight, but was the speed worth what I neglected?

I weighed 273 pounds when I left the intensive care unit. I went home and went to work. The tools were a strict diet, aerobics, resistance, yoga, and stretching exercises. I lost 100 pounds in eleven months.

I focused and focused hard on those things and I think it is safe to say that many responsibilities were neglected.

The rewards came quickly in the form of weight loss. That made it easy to continue on.

I can tell you from a purely personal standpoint, it was not worth it, to lose that many pounds that quick, to much was neglected.

According to the Center for Disease Control my health would probably have been served better had it taken me twice as long to lose the weight as it did, and I know my personal life would have fared better.

The rewards would have came slower, less weight loss. Doing things in moderation may make the word persistence more important.

Watch “The Chinese Farmer” on YouTube

I take responsibility for it

Many things that have occurred in my life were totally caused by my actions and/or my words. Some were good, some were not.

Many things that have occurred were not caused by my actions and/or words. Some were good, some were not. Still, I had and continue to have control of how I react.

I was overweight a long time and that was not the fault of the food industry, it was indeed because of my actions. I ate lots of junk food and would not exercise.

If I don’t think this way, then I am at the mercy of others and that will not be.

The same food industry exists today, doing things the same way they always have and I am not overweight now.

The hip pain

Inflammation is rough around joints. I have kept pushing. I don’t like at all what I have heard personally about a lot of surgeries. How does all the foreign stuff they are putting in humans now affecting them? The humans are the guinea pigs and time will tell. I’ve gone to a diet that supposedly fights inflammation. I take 4 each 200 milligram Ibuprofen pills and the pain, on a daily basis is lessened.

No plans here to stop jogging and walking and no plans for surgery.

What’s happening to me?

I thought my running days were over, and to get technical, maybe they are. But I am back to jogging all of my miles, and because of that, I am logging more miles, feeling stronger and beginning to dream again.

What’s driving me?

I don’t really know. Sometimes I think I do, but not others. I just know I am supposed to be doing what I am doing. The miles matter. They seem to be a metaphor about something.

20,000 miles coming up

My, whatever ya call it began on June 1, 2012. Before the end of this month, June, my miles on feet should reach 20,000 miles.