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article – Veterans and alzheimer’s #ENDALZ

The rapidly climbing number of those affected with AD includes a growing population of aging military veterans affected who may have an added risk for the disease as a consequence of traumatic brain injury, posttraumatic stress disorder, and/or service-related injuries.

The paragraph above was cut and pasted from the article the link below will take you to. (2014)


A quote – about alzheimer’s #ENDALZ

“Caring for an Alzheimer’s patient is a situation that can utterly consume the lives and well-being of the people giving care, just as the disorder consumes its victims.” » Leeza Gibbons

a caregiver story

she came out on U.S.Highway 70 to tell me she was a caregiver for her mom, and that she, as the caregiver, was struggling some. She had not heard of the Alzheimer’s Association, so she took one of my cards and agreed to give me some feed back.

A couple of months later she phoned me to say she made the call, listened, heard something she liked and had already attended two support group meetings. The last time we chatted she is still involved with the Alzheimer’s Association.

This happened in 2013 while I was crossing America.

Epic Journey memory

I can’t remember where this was, but it was there, over 3000 foot of bridge, no space for Wilson. We wondered what we would do, how will we safely get across it, but it soon came to me. I realized that all the time standing there wondering, that not even one vehicle had passed.

We started walking and made it to the other side, no cars, no trucks, nothing. Those were some kinda good times, oh my gosh, they were.

My hope for anyone reading this, is that one day you come upon this bridge, and you get to cross it.

Symbolic – Mojave or Backpacking?

In 2015, I drove to Goffs, California, drove just inside the Mojave National Preserve, parked the car, and jogged about ten miles, on Lanfair Rd. It was beautiful there and the weather was mild.

Several years before that I traveled many miles, at night, as a lone backpacker in Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina. Alone, maybe because not many really want to be out there walking around at night.

Until recently, when my mind would drift to places I want to return to, it would be the Mojave, hands down.

Now, not so sure anymore, the night stuff is beautiful, and very exhilarating, ah, but the desert is so peaceful, quiet.

Book – the plan for my weight loss

My own experience exposed me to how awesome it can feel, to set a life changing goal, and achieve it.

In 2001 I purchased this book, did what it said, and lost 100 pounds in eleven months.

I purchased several, gave them away and saw success come to others. This one arrived today, mom dated it for me. This one will remain in my possession.

Alzheimer’s – some optimism #ENDALZ

Failed clinical trials and the continued lack of money for research leaves me with a feeling of pessimism. Bill and Melinda Gates getting involved is big to me, as they announced they are going to help scientists examine other theories. The longitudinal study in Columbia is exciting because they feel certain that everyone in the study will get alzheimer’s. The NIH is setting aside some money for new scientists, with fresh ideas. Thoughts of those things brings a feeling of optimism.

Hearing success stories from caregivers, accounts of them adapting, reading about laws being passed that may help them, and reading about the growth of support groups, memory cafes and more community involvement brings optimism.

Reading that our nation, as a whole, is eating healthier and exercising more is great news. That’s talk about prevention right there, good talk.

A lot of progress has been made in many areas. Necessity, sometimes, can be the mother of invention.

7 days to another Milestone #ENDALZ

At “Across the Land” I have spent a lot of my time giving out the Alzheimer’s Association 24/7 Helpline phone number. It’s been given out on cards, bracelets, media and word of mouth. Something, right at the beginning, convinced me that is where I could make a big impact, and that was, and still is, important.

I was able to begin “giving back” because my children were on their own and doing well. I’ve curtailed my activities from time to time because mom has needed my help, so I do what I can, when I can.

I began the “Across the Land” project because I believe it’s important to be a part of helping society with difficult situations. It’s good being able to do something that’s both impactful and interesting, and I will continue on, as I can.

Milestones are important to celebrate. Psychologist tell me it’s part of what keeps us human beings going. It works for me.

Jogging stroller – two of them

The stroller on the left, named Wilson, belongs to me. In 2013 he carried my supplies and equipment for 2,594 miles through parts of ten states. That workhorse is a Bob Revolution SE manufactured in 2012.

The stroller on the right belongs to the Barnes family. Recently it carried equipment and supplies for them as they marched from Key West, Florida to mom’s house, in Roberta Georgia. Their stroller is a Bob Revolution manufactured in 2010.

We replaced theirs with a little bit newer model, and they continued on to Blaine Washington.

I took the picture this afternoon.

Jogging strollers are a super way for parents to go out and run with their children.

I was out there about alzheimer’s disease and they were talking about diabetes on their trip. It’s ironic that being fit helps slow the progression of both.

From Kristie Leong M.D – body weight – pressure on joints

One extra pound of body weight increases the pressure placed on your hips by 6 pounds and on your knees by 3 pounds. No wonder #osteoarthritis is more common in people who are obese! Plus, fat cells produce #inflammatory cytokines, chemicals that boost pain & #inflammation.