Alzheimer’s disease and Down Syndrome?

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My first recollection of hearing the two phrases side by side was during a visit to the Anschutz Medical Campus, in Aurora, Colorado in 2015. Some nice folks had obtained permission for me to visit with Huntington Potter, PhD., the Director of the Rocky Mountain Alzheimer’s Disease Center.

I won’t try to elaborate here, but will post this to put a bug in your ear, if you’re interested, in why many neuroscientists seem to speak of some kind of connection. Here is a link to the NIH website.

Here is a link to the Alzheimer’s Association

Here is a link to where I met Mr. Potter.

we gotta clean the brain out ~ Alzheimer’s #endalz


From my point of view, something is going on with the job of keeping our brain clean. It’s not getting done thorough enough, and lots of stuff could be the guilty party. Remember, this old guy is a high school graduate, but it makes sense.

  • what could be the biggest reason?
  • what could be the second biggest cause
  • is any of this, lack of cleaning, avoidable?
  • no answers here, but maybe some good questions

I was thinking about mom taking the garbage out every night, just before bedtime. All of a sudden, some of it is piling up in the house. Why? How many reasons could there be? A lot huh? In the brain, maybe the garbage starts sticking together and it’s hard to get from one room to another.

Will people with Down syndrome unlock the mystery of Alzheimer’s disease?

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Michael Clayburgh has a long family history of Alzheimer’s and his grandfather died from the disease.

Clayburgh is now on the front lines of unraveling the causes of the disease that has so devastated his family because of a condition he carries — Down syndrome

The paragraph above came from the article the link below will take you too

Remembering Allen Roses – research scientist #ENDALZ 

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I completely forgot to put a post on this blog concerning Allen Roses. The Duke University’s School of Medicine’s research scientist established a link between the APOE gene and Alzheimer’s disease.

Later, Roses and his colleagues identified a second gene (TOMM40) linked to Alzheimer’s. It was reported that he took out a home equity loan to put nearly $500,000 of his own money toward that discovery.

He passed away on September 30, 2016 from a heart attack. He was of the opinion that the amyloid plaque resulted from the disease.

It seemed he was considered a maverick and we sure do need those.

Rest in Peace Mr. Roses and thank you for your work. 



the first caregiver I ever met

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She had good times in her life now. Her and her husband had recently moved to a place on the river and she loved to fish. Her dear friend had moved in next door. The congestive heart failure was progressing, but her new surroundings seemed to be having a positive affect on her. 

Then came the news. Her mother in law was diagnosed with alzheimer’s disease and needed a place to stay and someone to help her. 

The fishing became rare, as did the shopping trips. This went on for almost 10 years. Alzheimer’s took the patient away and MA passed away, shortly after, while getting ready to go shopping. 

I was near her often during those times. I think she was following her heart. I’ve heard that true happiness comes from doing what you love. She seemed content and happy. 

an article concerning how long people live with alzheimer’s 

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Please click on the link below to read the article.

India – some amazing stuff 


I’m trying to figure out some things about the country of India. They’re Alzheimers rate and their type 1 diabetes rate is so low compared to ours. I’m trying to communicate through Facebook with some of the folks over there. I’m doing a lot of reading about it. Wow, they sure do eat differently than we do. It’s amazing the cultural differences between people all over the world. I’m thinking we all have some stuff we can learn from each other

Two quotes from me, yep me

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“Don’t be afraid to dream. Don’t be afraid to fail. Keep your responsibilities in the mix. Set priorities and then go to work! Reflect often. Make changes if necessary.”     Jack Fussell 

“When I don’t know what to do, I run, so I run a lot”     Jack Fussell 

An article about male caregivers 

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From Enlivant 

Here is a link to the article :

A rural American story about alzheimer’s 

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Found this on Twitter. The Alzheimer’s Association retweeted it.

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