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5.29.2019 Alzheimer’s??

In the last few days, circumstances put several folks in front of me that are over 80 years old, and they are all, or seemed to be to me anyway, in good shape cognitively.

With most of them, Alzheimer’s became a topic. One of them offered a thought. She said nowadays it seems people all over are having problems with memory, and she added that while she was coming up, she rarely heard of such, and that, in her opinion, something major has changed.

In my opinion, it began in a major way in the mid fifties when our society started ingesting so many chemicals. If that’s the case, maybe we can learn to avoid it or slow it from starting, with our diet, but we also need a way to stop it once it’s already there and hopefully be able to reverse some of it.

5.23.2019 another new beginning

this WordPress blog has been a great diary of sorts. As of today its had over 297,000 views and had visitors from well over 100 countries. My plans include getting better at blogging so folks that read it may find it worthwhile. I want to share media from others, keep a record of what I consider special events and editorialize. The subjects will be concerning Alzheimer’s, Veterans, Down syndrome and health for Seniors.

Man With Down Syndrome Doing His Part to Find the Cure for Alzheimer’s | The Mighty


She was moved to the Alzheimer’s wing today

A friend of mine called me a few minutes ago. His mom was diagnosed with alzheimer’s disease a good while back.

She was moved into the Alzheimers unit today. I have no idea what that must feel like.

Wow, that is pretty tough stuff. I know him well and I had the honor of meeting his mother. I never knew her before she was diagnosed though.

Pretty tough day for my friend. There is no cure for this disease.

Alzheimers disease

Yes, it’s mostly an old peoples disease. Sometimes it feels like nothing is happening to slow it or stop it. Not much money is being spent to find a cure, but the research community of the world has a great reputation, of caring about what they do. It seems to be one of those fields that you go into, because it is your passion.

Not many people know this, but Dr. Jonas Saulk worked the last few years of his life, looking for a cure for aids. He found the vaccine that stopped polio.

One day, we will have the money and research scientists will find something that will lead to a slow down or a cure.

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The latest alzheimers news

I have read the “National Alzheimers Project Act”. I try hard to understand these things. I get as much clarification from knowledgeable people as I can.

It looks like a good plan. These are smart and dedicated people running this. Their are a lot of checks and balances in it

The only holdback with it could be the lack of money. To me, that will make the the plan go slow.

Here is a link:


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The research community

Alzheimers scientists are really beginning to realize the importance of meeting with other scientist that are studying other diseases.

They can get together and share information and possibly have an “aha” moment.

Some grants are even being given to bring scientist studying other diseases into the Alzheimer’s community, for new perspectives.

That is so awesome to me. These folks sound like some wonderful people and if they are like the ones I met, they are just that….. Awesome

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Glad she finally died ??

I had a gentleman, on my trip, tell me his wife had disappeared into the alzheimers world about 8 years ago.

Then he said he was glad her body had finally died. He said he did not mean to be cruel, but that it was killing him and he hurt and cried every day watching her. Finances had been devastated. His health had suffered drastically.

He stated he did not care what anyone thought of him, for feeling this way.

He said “my precious wife died 8 years ago”

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I need to do more

When I watch my friend, Susan Riblet explore every facet of the foster care system so she can do her best, it has made me realize I can do a lot more. I will do a lot more. I will learn as much as possible about alzheimers disease.

I have to do my best. It is what I am supposed to be doing.

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Ron Grant ….. early onset alzheimers

I met Ron Grant in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma last year on the trip across America. He has early onset alzheimers disease. I did not spend much time with Ron while I was there and I don’t know why. My fault.

About a week ago Ron entered my mind and I haven’t been able to get him off of it. I googled his name and found several YouTube clips and articles about him. He is trying so hard to help in this fight.

I just got off the phone with Ron and he sounds great and was so complimentary to me for what I am trying to do. He is such an awesome young man. He has been to many functions, including traveling to Washington DC, with the Alzheimers Association.

He said very emphatically ” we have to have more money for research”

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