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my dear friend

He stands in the corner, it’s a place of honor, at mom’s house. We were a team, Wilson carried my supplies and equipment, I pushed. We raised my awareness and then shared it with others. Here is a picture of my dear friend from 2013.

Every time I look at Wilson, the folks that came out on the road to see us and share their feelings with us, come to mind.

Jogging stroller – two of them

The stroller on the left, named Wilson, belongs to me. In 2013 he carried my supplies and equipment for 2,594 miles through parts of ten states. That workhorse is a Bob Revolution SE manufactured in 2012.

The stroller on the right belongs to the Barnes family. Recently it carried equipment and supplies for them as they marched from Key West, Florida to mom’s house, in Roberta Georgia. Their stroller is a Bob Revolution manufactured in 2010.

We replaced theirs with a little bit newer model, and they continued on to Blaine Washington.

I took the picture this afternoon.

Jogging strollers are a super way for parents to go out and run with their children.

I was out there about alzheimer’s disease and they were talking about diabetes on their trip. It’s ironic that being fit helps slow the progression of both.

Wilson and friends 

One of the many great times in my life has been watching others take a turn at pushing Wilson. Some were only able to push a few feet and others for miles. 

This picture was taken today, December 18th 2017 in Roberta, Georgia.

Out for a “Stroll” today

Wilson the BOB Jogging Stroller

I took him out for a bit. I walked some and I jogged. Both felt fine. It fact it was awesome. 

When we are together we gather a lot of attention. No signs today. That will come soon. 

I know this. Stroller jogging/walking is freaking awesome. 

The stroller in that picture has been over 4000 miles. My partner!

Ya know what, you folks that read this are awesome. You keep me going every day. 

stroller, backpack or support car?

In the planning stages for my journey across America in 2013, I needed to commit to a method of keeping my gear with me at all times. I considered a backpack or a support vehicle. I fell back to my friend Google. The name “Paul Staso” appeared after the search. I navigated to his website and saw a picture of a beautiful machine. It was a BOB jogging stroller. Back to Google once more. REI was a few miles away, and they were a distributor. 

Angie introduced me to the man in the bike shop. The stroller was in stock and on display. I knew immediately this was the way I would solve my dilemma. I left REI with a new stroller. 

It’s a BOB Revolution SE Jogging Stroller. 

  • Weight – 25lbs
  • High strength aluminum alloy 
  • Coil springs and elastomy core shock absorber
  • Pneumatic tires
  • Tubes – schrader valves
  • Quick release axle with sealed cartridge bearings
  • High impact polymer composite spokes
  • Foot activated rear brake

In over 4000 miles I never encountered a problem with my stroller.

No regrets on my choice.