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March 1st 2020


Mom and I headed east to Goodwill. She got out there, but not me. I drove across Highway 80, parked the car at Middle Georgia State University, and jogged for awhile. That’s a great way to begin a day.

A trip 6.5 miles west of Roberta and we were at Greenway Farms. They sell healthy food. The folks enjoy mom’s visits and I usually walk around while she looks.

The Flash, on Netflix, got a little of my time, but I don’t sit for long.

It was a good day of texting and talking with my family.

My Childrens mom is waiting on an appointment with a cardiologist because of chest pain the other day. My son is getting ready for another stress test. He had some discomfort on the last one.

It feels good to continue on and maintain a pretty good attitude. I am a caregiver for my 91 year old mom, and that’s tough duty. I may not be able to explain why, but I feel it.

I had hoped to be able to average at least 10,000 steps a day in February, ah, didn’t quite make it. 9297. Maybe in March . . .