The little guy is expanding his horizons

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I had the pleasure of watching a little friend of mine, on a video, as he is teaching himself to walk. It wasn’t to long ago that he was giving it all he had to crawl from one spot to another, reaching for stuff. Next he was cruising while holding on to the couch, same reason, reaching for stuff. Now, he’s pushing his walker, reaching for stuff. I am proud of his try and his achievements. He seems to me, very determined.

It occurs to me that his determination came from his parents.

Alzheimer’s disease and Down Syndrome?

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My first recollection of hearing the two phrases side by side was during a visit to the Anschutz Medical Campus, in Aurora, Colorado in 2015. Some nice folks had obtained permission for me to visit with Huntington Potter, PhD., the Director of the Rocky Mountain Alzheimer’s Disease Center.

I won’t try to elaborate here, but will post this to put a bug in your ear, if you’re interested, in why many neuroscientists seem to speak of some kind of connection. Here is a link to the NIH website.

Here is a link to the Alzheimer’s Association

Here is a link to where I met Mr. Potter.

Wednesday December 5, 2018 blog post

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How do I define “Never Give Up?”

It means believing in myself, being willing to accept failure and learning from it, not compromising on important values, walking the walk I suggest, and maybe most importantly, to me, to Keep Going, Keep Setting Goals, no matter how much I fail or succeed.

Some pictures from today:

The hourglass represents a question Mark asked of me. “Jack, we all get sand in our hourglass, and we never know when it will run out. What ya gonna do with yours?”

Since June 1, 2012 the old guy has been on foot, raising money and awareness for charity. Today, the 19,000 mile mark was reached.

Keeping mom safe, myself healthy and raising money and awareness concerning Down Syndrome.

I came back to post a collage with the stroller and train tracks.

Tuesday December 4, 2018 blog post

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“Go to your Strengths Athlete.” I read that in the book, and enjoy how it makes me feel when thinking of it.

The Charity Miles application says this old guy (me) was on foot over 8 miles yesterday.

Here are some pictures . . .

Mom walked a mile

Brave Monkey- one of my companions on the Epic Journey

On page 37 in the book Momentum, Mark speaks of one mans explanation of the word Athlete.

What is my mission? Staying healthy, keeping mom safe, and raising money and awareness concerning Down Syndrome.

Sunday December 2, 2018 blog post

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I snapped this photo yesterday during a light rain. This is in mom’s yard, and she enjoys the colors.

Things are better here, and the reason for the improvement, is my attitude. Being a caregiver has been tough for me because of my impatience. Mom deserves better and I will get there, I have no doubt.

The Charity Miles application continues to play an important role in my life. My miles help get some money to the Special Olympics, for the Special Olympians.

November was my most productive month this year, as far as miles go, with 255 miles on foot, according to the Charity Miles application.

My little friend was born with Down Syndrome and he is important to me. I look forward to seeing him grow!

aim high parents – Down Syndrome

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Developmentally disabled children benefit from parents who aim high.

To read more, follow the link and see what you think . . . . .

yulissa-arescurenaga #downsyndrome

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she is the first licensed Zumba® instructor with Downs Syndrome in the United States.

Please follow the link below to read an inspirational story

Pixleydust – Blog about Down Syndrome

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I enjoyed reading this article.

Will people with Down syndrome unlock the mystery of Alzheimer’s disease?

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Michael Clayburgh has a long family history of Alzheimer’s and his grandfather died from the disease.

Clayburgh is now on the front lines of unraveling the causes of the disease that has so devastated his family because of a condition he carries — Down syndrome

The paragraph above came from the article the link below will take you too

the NIH and Down syndrome

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This legislation provides NIH with the opportunity to not only expand its current efforts on Down syndrome and commonly co-occurring conditions in individuals with Down syndrome that are also seen in the general population, such as Alzheimer’s disease/dementia, autism, cataracts, celiac disease, congenital heart disease, diabetes, and immune system . . . . .

The above portion of a paragraph come from the NIH article the link below will take you to.

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