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5/20/2018 Walking for Down Syndrome

I drove out to Highway 80 to walk a few more miles. Great weather, but all weather is great to me.

I had a short conversation with a couple doing some yard work, it was good.

Loving this warmer weather, higher humidity and the sweating.

Down syndrome and a memory

Many years ago our family had, as a regular guest, a little girl that was born with down syndrome, and she was fun to be near. Once, one of us told her something we needed her to do, or not do.

She was very young and she stopped in her tracks, put her hands on her hips, and said “you are not my mama”

We had a lot of good times with her, as we did other children that came into our lives.

Stuff about U.S.Highway 80 in Georgia

U.s. Route 80 is a 296 mile long U.S. Highway in the U. S. state of Georgia. It travels west to east from the Alabama state line in Columbus across the central portion of the state through cities such as Macon, Dublin, Statesboro, and Savannah to connect to its eastern terminus at an intersection with Tybrisa Street and Inlet Avenue in Tybee Island, near the Atlantic Ocean. Here the roadway continues as Butler Avenue. ~ Wikipedia

They can see me now . . .

The beautiful shirt I purchased from the Special Olympics was on my back for the first time out on Highway 80 today.

The ear buds were put away so folks that may consider stopping, feel more comfort.

In 3 miles I witnessed 3 vehicles pulling over. We chatted, good stuff. Still no stroller, hoping to add that soon, when the signs arrive for it.

Several more shirts are on order and from this day forth that’s what I will wear out there.

As mentioned yesterday, the donations have been a big surprise, a good surprise.

we visited nursing homes

The Alzheimer’s Association arranged the visits and most were quite lengthy and detailed. We spoke with administration, care staff, residents and visitors, and I would often ask residents about their past.

My dad was in a nursing home in Jesup Georgia several years ago. He seemed to enjoy the friendly banter with certain caregivers, and they spoke of his constant smile. I remember the empathy of the staff as we were leaving the home for the last time.

for Saturday, June 27, 2018

Being healthy is important to me, for a host of reasons.

Regular walking today (non excercise) 4300 steps.

Brisk walking today (for excercise) 15,000 steps

Total steps 19,300 towards a 10,000 step goal.

I was on the stationary bicycle for 15 minutes.

I’m trying to stay physically fit.

. . . . . . . . . . Mariashriver.com

In early 2015 the Alzheimer’s Association let the efforts of Across the Land be known to Mariashriver.com. They responded by doing a series of interviews and putting the story on their website. We became an Architect of Change. That was an incredible honor for us.

Later, we watched as Maria Shriver testified before a Special Committee on Aging in the United States Senate on March 29th, 2017. She spoke of alzheimer’s disease.

Maria’s dad died with alzheimer’s disease. (Sargent Shriver)

A special thank you goes to Michelle Chahine with Mariashriver.com.

The face of Alzheimer’s disease

Auguste Deter

This is, of course, one of a few million faces, and many more will follow, yeah no cure. This, or pictures of others with alzheimer’s is what I want my congressmen or women to see.

No, I don’t want to take for granted what they have or haven’t seen. I’m pretty darn sure a lot of folks have no idea of how horrific this disease, and many other diseases are.

I gotta get better at this awareness raising stuff, ah, and I will.

does sleep matter?

Here’s how I interpret the “experts”

It matters a bunch, life and death stuff.

If you do not get your body tired, during the day, and I don’t mean your willpower, but your actual body, that night you probably will not go into a deep sleep.

Deep sleep time is when the little workers inside of your body sweep up the junk, the poisons, bag them up and send them out as part of your waste product. That sounds serious to me. Sitting around will not do the job. Oh, sitting around sounds good sometimes, but if you buy what they’re selling, it don’t sound profitable.

They even speculate that the cleaning crew can clean plaque and sweep it out. Very speculative I know, but right now it sounds right.

scientists are people too

I was thinking!

The NIH awards a grant, and that may lead to a cure. The place has the equipment, the ideas, but may not have enough scientists. Scientists are called, or however they do that, appointments are made for interviews and that may lead to the research scientist saying this: “I have a spouse, 2 kids, a dog and a goldfish, in fact 2 goldfish. We have friends and family near and we are not wealthy. How long will this job last?”

Sometimes, from what I hear, the answer is not very family friendly, and a lot of scientists have families.