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Done for Thursday, May 30th 2013 #ENDALZ

22 miles today,  1591 total miles finished.

1411 miles left.

Lots of sun today. High around 92 degrees. Not much wind.

Beautiful land, awesome people.

Ready to rest my body.

This has been a good day !!


Redlands Community College


Goal for the next three days

Shooting for 75 miles on foot, over the next 3 days. Friday night and Saturday night in the Chattahoochee National Forest.


Thanks Amy !!


Plans for Georgia

Amy and I decided I will start off with some short distances thrown in with a few longer ones. Also will take 1 day a week off. This will allow me to work out any kinks and let my body adjust to long mileage pushing a jogging stroller. This has a good feel to it for me. This type of thinking gives me a good feeling.

Mapping out the Run !!

I am sitting at the computer with my daughter Amy. We are getting very detailed with the directions. This is time consuming, but exciting.


Thursday, October 4th, 2012 , training on the beautiful North Georgia trails.


A great day ?? Sure was

Being with my daughter and the grandkids, picking up Wilson 2, made for an awesome day. The folks at REI are so excited and courteous. The BOB trailer company makes a great jogging stroller. Amy thought it is pretty cool. Lot of quality in this equipment. Feels good to have it.

Wilson is in Kennesaw, Georgia.

Just got off of the phone with REI. Wilson is there and ready for me to pick him up. The original Wilson is about 10 years old and is not able to go 3419 miles. He has done his job with my training. Wilson 2 is bright orange. I will take his picture with me and post it so you can see the team that will be running Across the Land for 5-6 months.

Am I to old for this?

I have made contact with 3 people and read stories of another 4 that have ran across America. None are even close to my age. Most are in there late 20’s. I can do this at age 62. I will listen to my body at all times. I am not trying to set any speed records. The goal is to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association. Everything I do will be with that in mind. I have good aerobic capacity My resting heart rate is 52. My murmur has not worsened in 10 years. No joint pain. I am prepared to handle situations as they come up.