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sometimes the help a caregiver gets isn’t what they wished for

I’ve heard a lot of stories concerning this. One caregiver shared this with me. She has been taking care of her father for 6 years and for four years he has needed 24/7 care. Her sister comes once a year for two weeks. During that two weeks the visiting sister wants the 24/7 caregiver there too, just in case. If the 24/7 caregiver tries to discuss anything different, the visiting sister starts talking about not coming anymore. The 24/7 caregiver said this lack of understanding on her sisters part is hard to take, but for two weeks she does have a little help and some company. She feels it is not right, but thinks that trying to discuss it, with her sister, is all she knows how to do to try and effect change, and right now, nothing is changing. 

She thinks it’s best to not cut her nose off to spite her face in this situation. She said she will take what is available and appreciate it, but she knows her sister should be doing much more. 

During that two weeks, the 24/7 caregiver would like to go relax somewhere and do some of the things she used to do. She would like to do some of the things during those two weeks that her sister gets to do 50 weeks a year.


Sunday (Day 10) of a road trip to “raise awareness” concerning alzheimer’s 

A sense of urgency concerning family led me to cancell my trip to Kit Carson, Colorado. I am heading to Roberta Georgia. It will take a couple of days. Here are three pictures from today

Saturday (Day 9) of a road trip to “raise awareness” concerning alzheimer’s 

Started the day in Gallup, New Mexico, and then into Arizona for a few minutes. Back to Albuquerque for a chat with an old friend. He is a caregiver. 

Drove into Tucumcari and I’m resting at the Motel Safari. Larry is the new owner operator. Sam (new puppy) seems comfortable in his new surroundings. 

Tomorrow I will drive north to Kit Carson, Colorado. I’m going to visit the spot where Joseph Bell lost his life. He was walking across the country, raising awareness concerning bullying. Here is a link to one of the news stories  . . . . . http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2013/10/man-killed-on-walk-to-highlight-dead-sons-struggle-with-bullying/

Here are a few pictures from today. Good times that will become Great Memories. 

Friday (Day 8) of a road trip to “raise awareness” concerning alzheimer’s 

Started this morning in Tucumcari, New Mexico and ended up in Gallup, New Mexico. 

Spent some time in Albuquerque with some very dear friends. The winds of change have blown into their lives and they are adapting. They inspire me to have a better attitude when things don’t go my way.

Spoke to Mom today 2 or 3 times and she’s doing well. 

I stopped about every 50 miles and stretched my legs and looked at social media and continue to post.

Here are some pictures from today.

The Continental Divide

The lower part of the Sandia Mountains.

This was a good day. 

Thursday (Day 7) of a road trip to “raise awareness” concerning alzheimer’s 

I started out in Sayre, Oklahoma and ended up in Tucumcari, New Mexico. About 240 miles or so. Pulled off a bunch of times to see things and talk. Today was absolutely a day for sharpening the saw. I don’t have a whole lot to say today. It was a good day though. I told Mom, back in Georgia, that I could see forever out here. I told her to wave and then I told her that I could see her waving. She chuckled at that.

Some pictures from today.

Near Groom, Texas. That’s a big cross.

In Texola. I had a pretty doggone good breakfast here one time. I bought mom a painting here of an Indian chief a couple of years ago.

Interstate 40 is to the left, and I was standing on Route 66 when I took this picture today. You can see far from here.

Tucumcari, New Mexico 

I sure enjoy this town. So much here has been kept looking like I think it must have looked during the heydays of Route 66. 

long distance bicyclist in New Mexico 

I was on interstate 40 and glanced to my right and saw this young man on Route 66, heading west. He is crossing the entire country. It was a pleasure chatting with him for a few minutes. I asked if I could take this picture and put it on my blog and he answered yes.

Another long-distance bicyclist – Hwy 64 in Arkansas

He is 78 years old, and has been taking the same ride for 17 years. He rides to his sister’s house spends a couple of nights with her, turns around and goes home. The round trip is 800 miles. He chuckled and explained that the pain in the morning, getting out of bed, is getting tougher every year. I enjoy these encounters. There is lots of inspiration out here.

frustration is not a good partner in my fight with alzheimer’s disease 

my decisions are adversely affected if I am frustrated. I become a whiner, a complainer, and I don’t like that outfit. It’s very normal, I think, to get tired of the slow pace of change, but it’s a necessary way things are done.

I must adapt, put on a new hat, so to speak and continue on. I don’t want to wear the hat of frustration anymore. 

Slow and steady seems appropriate. I must develop that part of me. 

Sunday (Day 3) of a road trip to “raise awareness” concerning alzheimer’s 

It was great to attend my grandson’s soccer game today. The game was at the Cherokee County YMCA, near Canton, GA. 

Spoke briefly with a long distance caregiver. No matter how your job pans out, if you’re a caregiver, it has tough parts to it. 

I spent more time today on the phone, with the young man that does his best to make sure that children are fed.

2 miles on the Charity Miles application for the Alzheimer’s Association today.

I find myself worried about Nicholas Ashill. He is the young man that was hit while running across America. There have been no post on his Facebook page for a couple of days.

Been kind of a lazy day today, but tomorrow morning I will head towards Corinth Mississippi. I raise awareness concerning alzheimer’s disease. I have some work to do, because we don’t have a cure yet.