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Went home to Amicalola Falls today

I volunteered and/or trained at the park for over 13 years. The staff, the visitors, the wildlife and the endless beauty became my home.

The view from the top of the falls looking south

As always, this visit, I labeled a homecoming, led to conversations with park visitors. I enjoy talking with them, taking pictures, posting them and looking at them later. Great memories. 

This is a mixture of American and Scottish students. They are part of an exchange program.

These two, and the folks behind them were at the park on a field trip today.

 Being here today was emotional for me at times. I have many memories here, so many beginnings and a lot of endings.

Park personal, as always, made me feel welcome and loved. They always have, but today seemed very special to me.

Mark drove me to the park. Him and his wife Janice epitomize who a visitor would hope to come upon, at any park. 

This picture of Mark and I was taken behind the Visitors Center. 

This was a great day and one I will not soon forget. I stood near the telescope at the reflection pond, looking up at the falls, and remembered back to 2001, when I stood at the same place. That was a beginning for me. Today I came home. 

Alzheimer’s research – Dr. Steve Barger 

After hearing of the recent grant from the National Institute of Health for alzheimer’s research, I called Dr. Barger. The grant is for over $10 million dollars and was awarded to the University of Arkansas Medical School in Little Rock. I offered my congratulations to him and all of the staff at the Reynolds Institute on Aging and the University of Arkansas Medical School. I told him how much I appreciate both their attitude and work. I don’t have to look far for my heroes. 

Sue Griffin PhD will lead the team. 

I knew of this grant because a friend on Facebook sent me a link. Here is the link. 


Cystic fibrosis and leukemia 

It was such a pleasure and an honor to spend time this evening with Jody and Amy at my grandson’s soccer practice. They are both always so kind. The ability they have to endure so much, puts me in awe of the strength they muster every day. Both have spent time learning everything they can about their respective nemesis. They continue to inspire me as much as anyone I have ever known. 

Alzheimer’s research – UAMS #ENDALZ 

One of my Facebook friends, Kaitlyn Stell, sent me this link a few minutes ago. 


This is so cool to me because I had the pleasure of spending time with the folks at the University of Arkansas Medical School and I am aquanted with the folks I am happy for. The Alzheimer’s Association made introductions. This is AWESOME. I’m betting their exited.

Sitting here thinking how excited I would be knowing this grant is going to end up helping millions of people. In my opinion, none of the grant money is ever wasted. 

being fit is key!

I work constantly at remaining physically and mentally fit. A Navajo Indian Doctor told me that being fit is a prerequisite for being able to do almost anything for a long time and doing it well. 

The reading and constant interactions I have with others is good for my mental health. 

This raising awareness job will take a long time. Being fit is fundamental. 

20 days into my road trip across America 

South of Gallup, New Mexico

I’ve seen 5 long distance bicyclist and 1 long distance walker. I started asking shop owners on Route 66 how many they see. The numbers surprise me. They tell me it’s several each week and that most are on bicycles. 

The memories that flood my consciousness are very satisfying. I’m on mostly the same road I jogged and walked in 2013. I must head home soon. I found what I was looking for out here. I can’t take it home with me, but I dearly wish I could

Mom is being well taken care of, and I miss her. 

Today I saw some beautiful deer, some prairie dogs and a llama. 

It rained today and I saw some awesome lightning to the northwest. 

I am a very grateful man. 

I raise awareness concerning alzheimer’s disease and money for the Alzheimer’s Association. 

miscellaneous pictures 9/4/2016 Tucumcari 

I refuse to sit idly by 

“When I don’t know what to do I run, so I run a lot”     Jack Fussell 

That’s a metaphor. I will only sit and try to decide what to do until a trigger in me announces that time is being wasted. I get up and go. Something tells me to either keep going or take another path. I find strength in the wisdom of doing something! 

In the picture above, the one with part of me in it, notice the bright alzheimer’s performance shirt. In the bottom picture notice the sign on the Bobomobile.

I raise awareness concerning alzheimer’s disease and raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association. 

I refuse to sit idly by. 

10 high profile alzheimer’s patients

Their is nobody any more important than our loved ones that had or has alzheimer’s disease. High profile folks do get more media attention, and help raise awareness. Here is a list of 10.

  1. Gene Wilder 
  2. Glen Campbell 
  3. Ronald Reagan 
  4. Pat Summit 
  5. Norman Rockwell 
  6. Sugar Ray Robinson 
  7. James Stewart 
  8. Robin Williams 
  9. Casey Kasem
  10. Perry Como

The list could go on and on, and it does. 

This post is meant to bring some reality to the thought that alzheimer’s disease may manifest itself in any of us. 

I tip my cap to you caregiver 

You have your own life, and to be a caregiver, you have put your life on hold. How can you be any more selfless than that? 

Somehow you manage to continue on, in some cases, for many years. 

The emotional and physical strength you have shown is remarkable to me. 

In many cases you have not been able to take proper care of yourself, but you continued on. 

You are the real Inspiration in my life. You are, to me, a hero. 

Selfless –concerned more with the needs and wishes of others than with one’s own