Tuesday December 4, 2018 blog post

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“Go to your Strengths Athlete.” I read that in the book, and enjoy how it makes me feel when thinking of it.

The Charity Miles application says this old guy (me) was on foot over 8 miles yesterday.

Here are some pictures . . .

Mom walked a mile

Brave Monkey- one of my companions on the Epic Journey

On page 37 in the book Momentum, Mark speaks of one mans explanation of the word Athlete.

What is my mission? Staying healthy, keeping mom safe, and raising money and awareness concerning Down Syndrome.

“Go to Your Strengths Athlete”

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I feel like I can handle adversity, and although it may knock me down, I won’t stay there. That strength gives me confidence that I can respond to the challenges life brings. It leaves me feeling somewhat confident and relaxed. 

The phrase “Go to Your Strengths Athlete” came to me in the book “Momentum” . . . . . written by Mark Bravo 

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