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A couple of pictures from my morning

This is between Roberta and Macon, Georgia. Every time, well almost every time, mom looks to see what they are doing. When it’s cold, she feels sorry for them.
This is the walking track at Middle Georgia State University, Macon Campus.
This is also at Middle Georgia State University.

I show up, and do the work! That’s Good Stuff!

March 2nd 2020


We headed towards Lizella, Georgia, so mom could attend a church service. The preachers family took her to lunch with them afterwards, and brought her home.

The drive from mom’s church to the university takes about ten minutes. After parking in my usual spot, the slow jogging commenced. The weather was great.

This picture was taken in mom’s office just before we left for the days stuff. After the jog, I used it for my Charity Miles photo.

There are some consistent folks that use Middle Georgia State University to run, jog or walk. There were four of us there yesterday. We wave, occasionally speak and keep showing up.

We put two puzzles together. They are both 300 count, large pieces.

Steve Fugate and I had a great conversation. He’s walking across America again and was stopped for the day, in Palatka, Florida.

This week has seen some of my family and friends with some serious health issues.

I saw a short video of Madison walking. She’s the granddaughter of my friends, Mark and Janice.

My friend out west continues her training. She goes up and down mountains, pushing a jogging stroller. Her persistence is inspiring. I think her half marathon is soon.

My attitude as a caregiver is getting better. It’s my responsibility and for the last four years we’ve been together over 90% of the time. She’s 91 years old.

About today, I can surely say; “I showed up, did the work”

March 1st 2020


Mom and I headed east to Goodwill. She got out there, but not me. I drove across Highway 80, parked the car at Middle Georgia State University, and jogged for awhile. That’s a great way to begin a day.

A trip 6.5 miles west of Roberta and we were at Greenway Farms. They sell healthy food. The folks enjoy mom’s visits and I usually walk around while she looks.

The Flash, on Netflix, got a little of my time, but I don’t sit for long.

It was a good day of texting and talking with my family.

My Childrens mom is waiting on an appointment with a cardiologist because of chest pain the other day. My son is getting ready for another stress test. He had some discomfort on the last one.

It feels good to continue on and maintain a pretty good attitude. I am a caregiver for my 91 year old mom, and that’s tough duty. I may not be able to explain why, but I feel it.

I had hoped to be able to average at least 10,000 steps a day in February, ah, didn’t quite make it. 9297. Maybe in March . . .

What’s she thinking?

Middle Georgia State University in Macon, Georgia

Mom and I were walking around, getting some exercise. I stopped to tie my shoe and she kept going. This picture was taken after she had sat there for about fifteen minutes. She seemed oblivious to me and it made me wonder what she may have been thinking. She is ninety one years old, the last of ten children.