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The National Alzheimer’s Plan 

It was passed unanimously by Congress, and President Obama signed it into law. 

Goal 1: Prevent and Effectively Treat Alzheimer’s Disease by 2025.
Congress, please fund the National Alzheimer’s Plan so the target date of 2025 will be reached. 

Why haven’t I heard of the National Alzheimer’s Plan? 

The last few days, I have been asked that a lot. Tonight it sunk in. Why haven’t I heard much about it? It is well written. Input came from the best on the planet. It covers every aspect I know of. It should be required reading by folks involved. It gives a good base, and I think the more folks know about the plan, the stronger they would feel when asking for help from lawmakers. Maybe it is required reading. Maybe folks do know of it. I happened upon it accidentally. I appreciate the work. 

Where am I, and what am I doing? #ENDALZ 

In Roberta, Georgia. I am a caregiver for my 88 year old mom. I keep her safe.

I am doing the work it takes to stay in good mental and physical health.

I am raising awareness concerning alzheimers disease and raising money for the Alzheimer’s Association.  

I am telling folks about the Alzheimer’s Association 24/7 Helpline. 

I am asking Congress to fund Alzheimer’s research so we can meet this 2025 deadline.   Prevent and Effectively Treat Alzheimer’s Disease by 2025

That last sentence came from the National Alzheimer’s Plan. On January 4th, 2011, President Barack Obama signed the National Alzheimer’s Plan into law after it was passed unanimously by the United States Congress. 

A quote from Francis S.Collins – NIH #ENDALZ 

We are not, at the moment, limited by ideas. We are not limited by scientific opportunities. We are not limited by talent. We are, unfortunately, limited by resources to be able to move this Enterprise forward at the pace that it could take”

The 3 alzheimer’s boxes . . . . . 

With Alzheimer’s in mind, I find myself thinking about 3 boxes. One box is about informing people about the helpline. The second box is about Congress funding the National Alzheimer’s Plan. The third box is about the prevention of Alzheimer’s. 

The phone number for the helpline is 1.800.272.3900 and can be called anytime. The call will be answered by a trained counselor for the Alzheimer’s Association. 

The National Alzheimer’s Plan was signed into law by President Obama on January 4th, 2011. It called for great improvement in our Alzheimer’s situation by 2025. 

The Nun Study proved to me that we may be able to slow or maybe prevent Alzheimer’s.      https://youtu.be/nw2lafKIEio

What are 4 things I aim to accomplish . . . . . #ENDALZ 

This has taken many sunsets to figure. 

  1. Give out the 24/7 Helpline phone number for the Alzheimer’s Association. 
  2. Listen to the thoughts of Caregivers, and share those thoughts. 
  3. Share information about Prevention. 
  4. Share information about Research.  

Awareness . . . We gotta continue with Raising Awareness concerning alzheimers disease #ENDALZ 

I’m telling you, there are so many people that have no idea about how much of a toll Alzheimers takes on a family. There are even family members that do not know what it is doing with the patient and the caregiver. This is a big deal folks. Alzheimers is bad and what it does to caregivers is unbelievable. There are so many aspects to this disease. 

  1. Incontinence
  2. Violence 
  3. Certain Death
  4. 24 hour care needed
  5. Financial loss
  6. Family breakups 
  7. Antipsychotic medications 
  8. Caregivers can’t afford to eat properly 
  9. Caregivers can’t afford to purchase the medication they need for themselves. 
  10. Loss of hope 
  11. No way I could name it all

Please ask Congress to fund the National Alzheimer’s Plan. 

$259 billion alzheimer’s costs in 1 year. We can’t afford  $2 billion for research? 

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, $259 billion dollars will be spent in 2017 because of Alzheimer’s disease. $175 billion of that will be paid by Medicaid and Medicare. 

I don’t understand the lack of funding for the National Alzheimer’s Plan.