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the NIH and Down syndrome

This legislation provides NIH with the opportunity to not only expand its current efforts on Down syndrome and commonly co-occurring conditions in individuals with Down syndrome that are also seen in the general population, such as Alzheimer’s disease/dementia, autism, cataracts, celiac disease, congenital heart disease, diabetes, and immune system . . . . .

The above portion of a paragraph come from the NIH article the link below will take you to.


appreciating the National Institute of Health

Trying to learn more took me to the NIH Categorical Spending page this afternoon. It’s setup by disease in alphabetical order.

Just looking at the amount of disease names left me in awe of the responsibility they have.

Here’s a link to the page I was studying . . . . .


search for a treatment, or a cure for alzheimer’s – a sense of urgency

“We are not, at the moment, limited by ideas. We are not limited by scientific opportunities. We are not limited by talent. We are, unfortunately, limited by resources to be able to move this Enterprise forward at the pace that it could take.” Frances S. Collins M.D. , Ph.D.

Mr. Collins has his finger on the pulse of this situation. Mr. Collins, a Geneticist, is the Director of the National Institute of Health.

Personally, trying to remain positive, left aside, and focusing on how I view the reality of our current situation, this is my opinion.

Treatment or a cure for alzheimer’s disease may have as many as ten viable theories, but we may have research dollars to fully examine only two or three.

We need more dollars or a lot of luck, or maybe some of both.

The Alzheimer’s Association estimated that alzheimer’s disease cost America $259 billion dollars in 2017, and less than $1.3 billion was marked for research.

Another personal observation: The Sense of Urgency, in the public, in the press and coming from our legislative bodies doesn’t feel strong. The Sense of Urgency amongst Advocates is to be admired.

What is alzheimer’s disease? article from the NIH