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Never Quit! Never Give Up! ???

What does that mean to me?

For years all manor of quotes or sayings have appeared before me speaking of “Never Give Up” or “Never Quit” and that sounds great. But I began noticing that lots of folks have to give up or quit on individual tasks or goals they really wanted to do.

In an article the reporter had asked a famous ultra runner about such and his answer set me to thinking. Here are my thoughts.

“I will never “Give Up” and “Never Quit” doing what I think is most important, every day, all day long.”

New information that new days bring will not be disregarded by me. Sometimes, many times, other people are much more important to me than a goal I may have set.

I get to pick what’s most important!

Friday May 24 2013 heading west. #ENDALZ

Got some miles to do today. Wilson and I are ready to help. Ready to do what we can.

We will do it. Never quit.

It is okay to give out, but not give up.

A Quote !!

“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.”