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Equipment and supplies for the Epic Journey #endalz

I had been involved with backpacking before the Journey, so most of the equipment needed was already in hand.

I did purchase a jogging stroller from REI to carry all of the equipment and supplies needed to be self sufficient.

The stroller is a Bob Revolution SE 2012 model

Here’s a partial list . . .

  • clothing, winter and summer
  • an extra pair of shoes
  • bivy
  • sleeping bag
  • air mattress
  • water and filter
  • stove
  • dehydrated food
  • snacks
  • extra tires, tubes and pump
  • solar panel
  • dazer to ward off dogs
  • signs and a flag
  • smart phone and charging stuff
  • emergency blanket


I stop in REI when I can. I purchased my BOB stroller from the one in Kennesaw, Georgia. I purchased a lot of the things that I use, from that store. I enjoy walking in these stores with my stroller and sharing my story with them. They always seem very excited. I really appreciate what these folks do. They help people, with knowledge and equipment, that will get their bodies moving, and maybe make them healthier.