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The Nun Study

You may find the Nun Study interesting. It is about alzheimers disease. To me, it is fascinating.

If interested, go to Google and YouTube and search “Nun Study”

This is a picture of Dr. David Snowdon.


He was trying to gather information that may lead to a cure for alzheimers disease. This is a picture from Google Images, just for effect. A beautiful Nun.


The Alzheimer’s Accountability Act

The Alzheimer’s Accountability Act would:

Have scientists at the National Institutes of Health submit an annual Alzheimer’s research budget directly to Congress.

Identify the resources that scientists need to reach the goal of preventing and effectively treating Alzheimer’s by 2025.

The research community

Alzheimers scientists are really beginning to realize the importance of meeting with other scientist that are studying other diseases.

They can get together and share information and possibly have an “aha” moment.

Some grants are even being given to bring scientist studying other diseases into the Alzheimer’s community, for new perspectives.

That is so awesome to me. These folks sound like some wonderful people and if they are like the ones I met, they are just that….. Awesome

Stay mentally & physically fit

Alzheimers disease. #ENDALZ

According to statistics presented to us by the Alzheimers Association, every 68 seconds someone in America is diagnosed with alzheimers disease.

It’s affect is devastating. It sure seems like we need more research scientists.

We need more coordination among them.

We need a cure by 2020