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Grateful here

Woke up and thanked God for a safe, warm and comfortable place to sleep last night, and the comforting knowledge that family and friends are good. 

My thoughts immediately went to the millions of refugees in many places, all over our little planet, that may be cold, hungry and scared, and a lot of them are children. 

Grateful is a worthwhile feeling and when I read the accounts from Unicef, it make me sad, but Grateful. Why am I so lucky when so many are not?

I pray for the refugees and then donate to Unicef. I hope others will too. 

Photo from Unicef

Charities I support

Alzheimer’s Association     http://www.alz.org     @alsassociation

St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital     http://www.stjude.org     @StJude

World Water Relief     http://www.worldwaterrelief.org     @wwrglobal

Unicef     http://www.unicef.org     @UNICEF

Fisher House     http://www.fisherhouse.org     @FisherHouseFdtn


Is my prayer working?

I saw an article a few minutes ago about world hunger. The estimates are between 15,000 and 25,000 each day, die, due to hunger related issues. The estimates go on to say, most are children. Loose statistics I know, but even if the lowest numbers are used, it’s almost unbelievable. I sit and think of the suffering that must accompany that. The suffering of the ones near death and the suffering of the ones that death may visit at a later time. 

I think of it, maybe speak of it somewhere, and then pray. I pray about it daily, but then watch the numbers continue to rise. That makes me wonder if my prayer, concerning this, is helping. If I stop there, what have I done, if my prayer does no good. 

I don’t stop there. I pick up my phone and donate to Unicef. I then put faith in Unicef. 

God gave me a brain to use. He has given me tools all of my life. Somehow this Russian proverb seems to make sense in some way. 

“Pray to God, but keep rowing to shore”

I also think of Eric Liddell often. Here is a link  . . . . .  http://www.ericliddell.org/about-us/eric-liddell/biography/