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I lost the weight, but was the speed worth what I neglected?

I weighed 273 pounds when I left the intensive care unit. I went home and went to work. The tools were a strict diet, aerobics, resistance, yoga, and stretching exercises. I lost 100 pounds in eleven months.

I focused and focused hard on those things and I think it is safe to say that many responsibilities were neglected.

The rewards came quickly in the form of weight loss. That made it easy to continue on.

I can tell you from a purely personal standpoint, it was not worth it, to lose that many pounds that quick, to much was neglected.

According to the Center for Disease Control my health would probably have been served better had it taken me twice as long to lose the weight as it did, and I know my personal life would have fared better.

The rewards would have came slower, less weight loss. Doing things in moderation may make the word persistence more important.

5.15.2019 How I felt after my weight loss

The most I can remember weighing was 273 pounds. My meals were large and snacking off and on all day was normal. It seems like not feeling good was just something to be accepted.

It was a good struggle, losing 118 pounds.

Maybe the most important part of all of this, is that in the 18 years since I dropped the weight, I can only remember being sick one time.

Sunday, April 6th, 2014…..never too late to change

Sitting here in the Lodge at Amicalola Falls State Park, I realized I do not no hardly anyone that has lost a tremendous amount of weight and kept it off a long time.

It makes me feel good that I lost a lot of weight in 2001 and here it is 2014 and I have not gained any of it back.

It doesn’t make me feel good to realize I know a few people who have lost large amounts of weight but gained it back.

A friend of mine back in 1997 lost around 120 pounds. He kept it off about a year. During the next two years, following that, he gained 130 pounds. A net gain of 10 pounds.

Motive for losing the weight seems to be a big part. My motive was fear, fear of going back in intensive care and fear of dying.


Today is the Fi…

Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life !!

How many times have I heard this phrase and how many times have I said it. A lot. I never did anything with this phrase other than read it or say it.

That changed after leaving ICU at Kennestone Hospital in Marietta, Georgia in 2001 after a horrible bleeding ulcer. Four days of being hooked up to wires and having tubes pushed inside of me to take pictures and get a biopsy was enough for me. The doctor said if I stayed as I was, I might have one year to live. It was just a guess based on his experience, I think. It did not matter to me. The next day really was the first day of the rest of my life. I began learning as much as I could about proper diet and excercise and started doing it all.

I lost around 100 lbs in 11 months, by eating a healthy diet and doing excercise. No pills, no shots, no surgery, no doctors.

I finally took action on the phrase. “Today is the First Day of the Rest of My Life”