Along about January 2016 something changed and a new frontier was in front of me, never seen it before. It shook me. My body had been through some stuff and I was getting . . .

65 isn’t that old right? But something was different, pain here and there, not as sure footed, and energy no longer felt inexhaustible. Still looked ok though. hahaha

Was it time to sit down, grab the remote, and relax full time or well, what should be done? It’s my sand in the hourglass, so a decision was due . . . from me.

The answer came fast, and sounded good. The concept of to keep going, Keep Going had already made itself known to me and it made sense, felt right. Another concept, have a life long attitude, was also in the mix, and moderation was introduced into my life.

So, along with the usual stuff, plus being a caregiver, this old man is learning what to do to keep going and implementing what I learn. The chair and remote will only be used intermittently. The blog is for me to express myself concerning this stuff, yep, getting old. My wish is to stay active, not do anything stupid, live to at least 100 and still be walking every day. One of my hopes is that this blog may in some way help someone.