12/21/2014 pictures

Here are few pictures I took today.

This is a couple of the staff members , at the Comfort Inn, I stayed at last night. The picture below it, is of course me.



I took this picture for a post, from earlier today, about the three different caps that I wear.


This is a picture from today, showing the Alabama state line.


The Department of Natural Resources let me stay here last year, in a very nice cabin. I did not need to this year.


I went to Calhoun, Georgia and picked up some new shoes here. Pretty nice store.


Salomon Speedcross 3 shoes


I picked up another pair.

Entering Alabama – few days ago


I could not take this picture, when I entered Alabama, because it was raining. I stop here on my way back home, for Christmas and got this picture.

The three caps

Each morning, something inside of me, tells me which one to wear. Sometimes it is a feeling in my heart and sometimes the weather does. The cap in the middle , has the least amount of warmth to it.


The Comfort Inn, Scottsboro, Alabama


They comped, the Alzheimer’s Association a room for two nights, for me. These guys were very awesome to me. Somehow the word spread and quite a few people talked to me about their Alzheimers situation.

This is pretty neat.

Staff at the Comfort Inn

The young man on the left, lost his dad to Parkinson’s disease. The young lady has an alzheimers connection.


These folks were so polite.

One thing is very different

I have been stopping, here and there, and exploring. As a child, in Fort Pierce, Florida, my brother and I, did a lot of exploring. He enjoyed it very much. I have been looking more at horses, and old barns, and cars that have grass around them . I’ve been stopping and speaking to almost everyone . They have been so kind. Yesterday, I saw a road turn to the left and it looked as though it disappeared. I went down it and in just a few feet it hit a dead end. It was a piece of an old highway, that had not been used in years. I saw remnants of a residence, that had not been used in many years. My brother would enjoy this. Pretty cool stuff.

Do you need anything sir?

Today, out on US Highway 72, a young man stopped. He went by me a little bit, and I turned and walked towards where he pulled his truck over. He came back, and he asked if I was okay. He asked if I was warm enough. He said I could get in the truck with him, his wife, and little baby, and get warm a few minutes if I wanted to. I told him what I was doing, and he told me of his grandfather that is in a nursing home now with dementia. He said he didn’t think I had enough clothes on. He was genuinely worried. He was a pretty cool guy. I can’t imagine, that I will forget him.

My plans, on my 100th birthday

About 5 years ago, I fell the desire to come up with plans.

I will drive to Amicalola Falls State Park, in North Georgia. I will park my car at the reflection pond. I will walk up the two tenths of a mile trail, sit down on the bench, where the stairs start, and look up, and remember. Yes I will remember.

After that, I will make new decisions.

Heading home

Tomorrow, at some point during the day, I will head home, in the car. I am going home for Christmas. I will run each day at home, raising awareness, for the Alzheimers Association. I’m not sure, when I will head back to Scottsboro, Alabama. My run is about 15 miles west of Scottsboro, on US Highway 72.