Me, a bicycle and a car ?

I have gave thought to this method before. Get a bicycle and attach it to the car with a bike rack.

I have no idea why this idea popped into my mind again yesterday. I will think about it over the next couple of days.

I would park the bike in a safe place and lock it. I would then drive the car for example 20 miles away. Then I would run back to the bicycle. Then I would get on the bicycle and ride it to the car.

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Making us live longer presented us with a new problem

This is just my opinion from all that I have read.

As we approached age 78 as an average life expectancy, diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease jumped.

Lifestyle, genetic or environmental ?

It seems as though that God designed our body to keep learning and keep doing and keep being productive until the day we die. It seems as though when our body learns we are stopping, it stops fighting to keep us strong and alive. Please look at the “Nun Study”

As the goverment raises retirement age, will it be longer before alzheimers sets in ?

Do we have a place where the law of diminishing returns comes into play.

It seems like the next 100 years are going to be tough, for decision makers, concerning such things as this.

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Never been a caregiver

I have thought long and hard and I don’t ever remember being a person that took care of someone else while they were sick or hurt. I have no idea what that would be like. I have no idea how I would react or how open to suggestions, I would be, from anyone, that would be trying to make it easier for me and better for my patient.

I do know how rest can change things. It seems to me like I run stronger after I have had some rest.

The Alzheimers Association has suggestions on how to make your life a little easier as a caregiver.

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I will not forget these folks


They appeared to be moving out. From what I saw, they didn’t seem to have a lot. She came out to the road with her babies. She asked if I was okay. She asked if I needed water. She asked if I needed shade for a few minutes. She told me to be careful. Look at these precious human beings.

I had a hard time walking away.

Two pictures of beautiful places

I wish everyone could see this in person.


In the picture above I was on a service road beside Interstate 40


I took this picture from an overpass. I remember this.

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From Forrest Gump

Lt. Dan “Have you found Jesus yet Gump?

Forrest “ I didn’t know I was supposed to be looking for him sir

What an awesome movie.

What a wonderful story.

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A metaphor

If a leak develops in a damn, above a small town, and water runs into the town, the water needs to be removed so it does not do major damage. At the same time the water is being removed, the leak has to be repaired. If the repair is to costly or the leak can’t be found, more money has to be put into the removal process. The leak has to be found and stopped. When the leak is found and stopped, the headaches and financial strain on the removal slows and finally stops.

We have to use resources to help patients and caregivers that are dealing with alzheimers.(removal of water) We have to find a cure.(stop the leak).

The major portion of the money to cure alzheimers will have to come from the government. We need to tell our lawmakers to stop the leak !

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Lawmakers, please lead

60 seconds X 60 minutes =  3,600 seconds X 24 hours = 86,400 seconds in one day. Every 67 seconds someone in America is diagnosed with alzheimers disease, so 86,400/67 = 1,289 new cases every day. I leave in 49 days, so 1,289 X 49 = 63,161 new cases by the time I leave.

We need to tell our lawmakers to get some money for research.

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Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

49 days left. Mixed emotions, you bet. Will I do it? Yep, I will do it.

3,660 miles on foot to raise awareness about alzheimers disease.

I got in some good miles today at Amicalola and some more at Harrison Park in Ellijay.

This was a great day today.

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49 days until I leave

heading west, one step at a time. Feeling more serious every day. 3,660.miles. Mixed emotions, like a lot of life is.

By the time I leave, their will be over 63,000 new cases of alzheimers.

Burning daylight.

Stay mentally & physically fit