Doing 3500 miles for the Alzheimers Association….

2980 miles left to do before Christmas.

Thursday, April 24th, 2014…..

I’m heading back to Amicalola Falls State Park in North Georgia today.

I am running, jogging and walking in the park to try and bring attention to alzheimers.

I am trying to let people know that help is available from the Alzheimers Association and trying to help raise money for the Alzheimers Association, so they can provide services and fund research.

Wilson – my stroller…..

The 2-Minute Habit That May Prevent Alzheimer’s | Yahoo Health

The power of routine…..

I was talking with a major fundraiser tonight. He helps people raise money to get clean water to places, for people that die everyday from dirty water.

He told me off getting donors on an airplane and taking them to see the deplorable conditions in some of the countries they work in. They even see the bodies of many people that died from bad water.

He said they will get outraged at the world for letting this happen and they will even cry and they will promise they’re going to do something to help when they get back home.

He said most of them, they never hear from again. They will not return phone calls or will not answer emails.

He thinks they did get very inspired when they seen the conditions those people live in, but then they return home and get into something that is very very powerful.

The power of routine !!

He said he will never stop trying !!

Fleet Feet in Little Rock, Arkansas

I spoke with Noelle. Her and her husband own and operate this magnificent running store.

We held an event there last year to speak with people about running and the horrible disease that took my dad.

They were a great help to me last year and they were very encouraging.

YOU are the reason…. #ENDALZ

That this website has been so successful.

This website has been in operation for 24 months. It was designed by Flyline Search Marketing. It has never cost me a penny. Mark and Janice Lein designed and have made sure it operates correctly for 2 years.

Today it hit 150,000 views in over 100 countries. All promoting the fact that it is never too late to change your health and helping to raise money and awareness for and about the Alzheimers Association.

This has happened because of all of YOU !!