I did it for my brother, standing next to me

I was in the Navy. I was never in harms way at anytime. I have had the honor of speaking with many veterans, that were in harms way, as I travel around.

A young ex army ranger talked with me for about an hour. It was me and him. He said something pretty cool. This is, to the best of my recollection, what he said.      I did two tours in Afghanistan. I fought hard and kept my wits about me at all times. I did not do it for the president, any lawmakers or anyone that does not appreciate what me, and many others, and my family went through. I did it mainly for my brother standing beside me. I wanted him to get home to his family.

My thoughts about 10/25/2014

I am in Holly Springs, Georgia tonight.

It was and still is a great day. I woke up. God gave me at least two things. He gave me life and he gave me choice.

I found out some of my friends are getting sick and some sicker. I also found out some are healing and getting back in the game again. I found out a friend lost the child she was trying to bear. I found out a friend was declared cancer free on Friday. It was a 5 year declaration. I met a lady that has lost 40 lbs. in 3 months. I met a man that has been in a wheelchair for 35 years and talked with a runner that had just ran 31 miles on the trail system

A young lady and the man with her asked me about my trip last year. I told her my average miles per day, when I ran. It was 22 miles per day. She said “you need to kick that up a bit” She hurriedly said she was kidding. I realized I loved the attitude of the ramping it up statement.

Two people asked me if they could pray for me and my trip. I said, of course. I appreciated it. They asked me if I prayed much on last years trip. I told them I talked to God every day, many times.

I ran and jogged and walked 36 miles today. 7 times I went up the steep road to the top.

Mark Lein surprised me and we spent a lot of time together,

This was and still is a good day.

Very rare folks

The reason this group caught my eye, was because they were doing something I do not see very often. They were moving pretty darn fast up the trail beside the paved road and on the paved itself. These guys were pretty cool.


Some encouraging folks at the park

This whole, so upbeat, so strong sounding and so encouraging.



The young lady has an Alzheimers connection


10/24/2014 afternoon

Met this couple at the park this morning and they were headed to the Len Foote Hike Inn.


This family is from the Cocoa Beach area. 


Susan Gragar works for the park, at the visitor center.


I have went about 15 miles on foot so far today. I have spoken with quite a few people that have a connection to alzheimer’s disease.

Power for the smartphone

Places to recharge my electric devices will be harder to come by on this trip, than last years. It will be necessary for me to watch my power consumption very carefully. 

I have a solar panel and batteries for it and that will help.

This is going to be an adventure.

across the land for alzheimer’s caregivers

What is this trip really for ?

this trip is for alzheimers caregivers everywhere and anywhere that I can find them. They go through some mighty tough times. Some of them have to do it alone. They don’t know what to do. Their health deteriorates and they have to put their dreams to the side.

I will listen to you and I will try and tell you where you can get some help. I have never done what you have done, nope, I have never been a caregiver, but I have listened to thousands of them. I will listen and if I have heard something from another caregiver that may help you, I will share it with you. If I have read something on the internet that may help you, I will share it with you.

across the land for alzheimer’s caregivers

10/23/2014 evening

Spent some quality time this morning with my buddy Susan Riblet. She has had my back a long time. She’s a very inspiring young lady. All of her family are very encouraging to me.

Headed to Amicalola Falls and met up with Mark Lein. Him and Janice are great friends to me and are always so encouraging and inspiring.

I received a phone call from Buffy Hankinson. She is from the Alzheimers Association office in Tifton, Georgia.

I got in a few miles today and they felt good.

I talked with several people today that have or have had Alzheimers connections.

across the land for alzheimer’s caregivers

Alzheimer’s connections

The lady to the left of me and the gentleman to the right of me recently lost their spouses to alzheimer’s.  They were both so kind.


The gentleman standing in front of me is 92 years old and going strong.