10/20/2014 morning

My perspective on this trip seems to be everchanging. Sometimes it seems like the trip is for me to conquer anxieties I’ve always had in my life. Other times I feel steadfast that is for the Alzheimers Association. Then I think to myself, maybe it is for both. I pray a lot and then I sit and listen and feel and try to not interject what I want. I feel like these feelings are good things because they are what I am feeling and I am being honest by reporting them on this blog.


George Southgate, loves to run

He also loves to minister to children and probably to everyone else with his example. A very kind man that has ran a lot of Marathons

10/18/2014 evening

It has been a good day. I spent it in Ellijay, Georgia. I was with the Riblet family. I helped Susan and her family park cars for the Apple Festival. It has a connection to the Girl Scouts. It was long day. I enjoyed helping them. I enjoyed talking with hundreds of people. We did not talk about Alzheimer’s, we talked about the weather, their kids, them or anything they happen to bring up. I met some of the other Girl Scouts. I did this for my friend Susan Riblet.

I spoke to my mom and her husband Jack is doing okay.

I have prioritized well, I am focused and I am persistent.

My plans are to leave Tybee Island, Georgia on November 6, 2014.

Mary thinks we should try and prevent disease.

I was out walking with Charity Miles for the Alzheimer’s Association a few minutes ago. I met Mary and her dog. She put an idea in my mind that may have not been there before in the words she used. She said she thinks we should all learn as much as we can, about what we put in our body, so we can prevent a lot of the diseases we are getting. I like the way she put it. It brought back memories of the Nun Study.

Am I going on this trip, or not

I have been referring to the situation with my mother’s husband in a few of my posts recently. He will be 87 years old in a few days. His health seems to be deteriorating. My mom will be 86 years old on October 28th. I have been posting about this because it is a very real consideration. If something happened to him, I would have to help my mom for a bit. She has helped me, a lot of bits.

My plans are this: I am leaving November 6th from Tybee Island, Georgia. I will walk out of the water, just north of the pier around 11:00 am. I will head west, one step at a time. If something comes up, I may have to pause……. but that’s all it would be, is a pause. I would do what needs doing, and then go back to where I paused and head west again.

I will finish this trip all at once or over a period of time, if need be. I will do every foot, on foot. I will run, jog and walk 3,660 miles. I will be self supported. I will be pushing a jogging stroller with my gear in it. I will do this because I am going to tell as many people as I can, that if they need help concerning Alzheimer’s, they can Call 1-800-272-3900 Anytime. I will raise as much money as I can for the Alzheimer’s Association. I will help raise money so the association can help people that are dealing with the disease and so they can help fund research and so they can continue to ask lawmakers for money to fund research.


10/17/2014 morning

Today is my brothers birthday. He would have been 67 years old today. He passed away in 2005 from a massive heart attack.

I headed to Harrison Park in Ellijay Georgia this morning and ran with my buddy Susan Riblet. We did a little over 3 miles.

Not many days left before I head west again on foot for the Alzheimers Association.

My most dangerous run

Today going from Fort Mountain State Park into Ellijay, Georgia was pretty tough. I am not talking about the 18 or so miles.

The road is nothing but curve after curve, switch backs for cars. There are not many guard rails or shoulders. The surprise factor of rounding a corner and seeing a runner, and not having any time to react is fierce. A gentleman in a truck stopped to tell me I was on a very dangerous stretch of road, and he offered to get me out of there. I turned him down, but thanked him, and told him I would be very careful. I had another gentleman come out of his house to tell me I was very brave to be up there running.  It sprinkled and misted the whole run, and the leaves all over the highway were awful slick. I slid a couple of times. With everything else I was doing, I also had to watch for feet placement because of leaves and sticks. With cars so close, you can’t afford to be fall. I have ran so much on highways that it comes to me deep from within, the responsibility I have to myself and to drivers.

This was the type of run where you have to keep your wits about you, and listen around corners constantly. It’s good for me. It could actually be helping me fight the Alzheimer’s that could be lurking within me. I enjoyed the day very much.

When you are looking, and hoping a car coming at you will move over, you have to glance back to see if they can move over, and if you predict they cannot, their is no need for being aggravated. I owe it to people to do a good job of taking care of them and me and I know the people in those cars care about me.

Their were two times that dogs came out. I did not sense I was in  danger from them, but I knew, when they came in the road to bark, that they may get hit or cause a care to swerve and hit me, or hit another car, or go off the side of the mountain.

This is the most dangerous place I have ever ran. I managed through it well. Their were no close calls. Their could have been many. I managed the situation.

10/16/2014 afternoon

Susan Riblet drove me to Fort Mountain State Park. I started headin east to Ellijay. She later brought me some food. I appreciate it.

fort mountain sign

These are pictures from along my route.

the overlook inn

llama 4.4a barnamicalola falls sign

ellijay city limit sign

This was an 18 mile day. Most of it was downhill. It was misty all day. The challenge up there is keeping myself safe and not having any surprises for drivers. Not much shoulder so not much room for errors.

It was a good day.


Alzheimer’s disease

My dad died with this disease and there is no cure and there is not much money being spent on research. I really do not understand that. I just do not understand !!

Pancreatic Cancer

My friend Ryan Chatham lost a very dear friend recently to pancreatic cancer. He was only 56 years old. There is no cure for this cancer and there is not much money being spent to try and find one. I don’t understand.