What a beautiful & Awesome picture

Just look at Wilson !! What a machine !!


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Will I do this again? Oh yes….I left something. I have to go back…..


I left 2 quarters in a very special place. I will go back one day. Yep, I will get my 50 cents.

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A special thanks to my mom


She never pays much attention when I thank her. She just says “you”re my son”. She never brings it up that she has helped me, so much, with this fight with Alzheimers, and I mean never. She is very encouraging to me, and yep, you bet she worries. She worries every day. She has also helped me a lot with finances, you know money. We have an awesome relationship and talk 3-4 times every day. Mom will be 86 years old on October 28th. She don’t look it, but she is.

Thanks Mom !!

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A drastic improvement for me

When you run solely for recreation and exercise, your pace is less important than getting in a good workout and meeting your distance goals. If you challenge yourself to improve your speed or to beat your personal record, your running pace becomes more significant. Meet your time goal by running with a pacer, who helps you to stay on track by maintaining a specific time per mile.

In 2011 when I went up and down the stairs at Amicalola Falls 50 times I maintained a pace of 1 round trip every 20 minutes. Saturday I went up and down those same stairs 55 times and this time I was able to maintain a pace of 17 minutes, per round trip. A huge difference. Both were done in July. That is big for me.

This year was different, and what a difference it was. Mark Lein showed up, unannounced, water in hand and his running clothes on, and ready to do something he has done many times before. He has been a pacer in the 100 mile races in the wild and beautiful mountains of Colorado many times. His knowledge of endurance sports, his upbeat personality and his own personal endurance made a huge difference for me. He kept me on track for the rest of the day.

Another physcological lift for me was the Riblet family and the Stormant family showing up, to encourage me. I can’t tell you enough, how important it is to be encouraged with words, body language and tone, by people you love.

A perfect ending to a tough day

I know my daughter well. On my final and very tiring last trip up the stairs at Amicalola Falls yesterday, I had a thought. She will gather up 4 or 5 or 6 people and ask them to cheer for me as I finish a pretty tough job. I was a little bit wrong. Look at how many and look at how awesome these people are. I never let them know about it because I walked away, just in time, but for whatever reason, I was very emotional. I appreciate my daughter and I appreciate all of these awesome folks. Wow, what a great ending for a long, hard day.


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Amicalola Falls


This is a picture of the beautiful waterfall at Amicalola Falls State Park in North Georgia.

I have been visiting this state park for 14 years.

I train here for my passion, running for the Alzheimers Association.

I run on dirt trails, paved roads, dirt roads and a beast of a stair system. 604 stairs, yep, you read it right, 604 stairs.


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How old are you Jack?

I was at Amicalola Falls State Park yesterday.

A lot of people made statements to me  and others asked questions.

The 2 questions asked most often were:

How old are you?

Did someone in your family die with alzheimer’s disease?

The 2 statements made most often were:

Thank you for what you are doing, my ________ has or did have alzheimer’s disease.

I can barely do the stairs system once.

My new friend Gabriel


Mark Lein and I talked with Gabe and his mom about what we are doing.

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66,440 steps done

55 trips down and 55 trips up the stair system at Amicalola Falls State Park.

It was a good feeling, when I finished. I was tired and sorry.

Mark Lein came out and ran nine or ten round trips with me. He set my pace and made sure I was hydrated.

The whole Riblet family came up(minus my buddy Destyne). Susan brought lunch and then her and Sophia ran down the stairs with me to the bottom. Jeff had the rest of the little guys with him, in the van.

My daughter Amy came up and her and the family helped me finish the run. While I was coming up the last trip she was asking people to come over and stand and yell for me when I’m finished. That was pretty cool and the people she had do that, were very nice. We had dinner together in the lodge and they headed home.,

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I hope I get enough done in the coolness

For 5 hours I maintained four rounds per hour, but on this last hour I slid down to three. In the past when it gets hot I always slide back to 2. I am resting here and there. I feel good about where I am at this moment.

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