Veterans, PTSD and alzheimers

My husband is a Vietnam Vet.   When he came home from Vietnam in 1970 we knew that he had PTSD but the VA told us ” just deal with it “.   In 2004 he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s by a private neurologist.  It wasn’t until 2009 that the VA finally diagnosed him with PTSD with dementia of the Alzheimer’s type.   You are right,  with all these vets coming home with PTSD we definitely need to find a cure and find it fast!!

Andrea McGaha Erwin

This is a response to a post I made on Facebook. It was concerning how bad alzheimers is with our veterans.

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Wow, please read this about alzheimers

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Picture – they worked with seniors

Both of these folks have worked with seniors. Neither have an alzheimers connection. These connections are important to me. If they do not mind, I give them the website url and create awareness


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The Most Important Thing !!

I want to tell as many people as possible, that if they are dealing with alzheimers as a patient or caregiver, paid or unpaid, please call the Alzheimers Association’s 24 a day, 7 day a week helpline. Tell them how you feel and please don’t care about how you appear to them. Ask for help, if you need it. If they can’t help, ask them why, or who can. Tell them you need help. We are all in this together and this type of interaction will makes us better. The phone number is 1-800-272-3900 and it will answered anytime you call.

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Alzheimers – Dementia ??

I have been asked what the difference is between the two, many times.

Dementia is actually a set of symptoms. Several different diseases produce the same symptoms.

Alzheimers disease is estimated to cause 70% of the symptoms, known as dementia. That is, I think, the reason, alzheimers disease, is spoken of so often.

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My friend is fighting cancer…..

He is a server at Amicalola Falls State Park in north Georgia. He is a very pleasant young man. He makes everyone feel welcome. He walks over when he sees me, shakes my hand and says “I knew you before you were famous”. You reckon that makes me feel good? Yep, it does, and he does it on purpose. We spoke on the phone Sunday and he said for me to pray for him. He said he will fight.

He will be back.

144 days until I head West again

Not looking forward to leaving family and friends, but I am looking forward to going to work doing what I was meant to do.


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Tybee Island, Georgia

On January the 10th 2015, I will leave Tybee Island Georgia and head to California. I will run, jog and walk every foot of the way.

I have no idea why, but this time I want to do every inch on foot.

We will find a cure for this disease.

Alzheimers is responsible for about 70% of dementia.

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Deborah Heddendorf


That’s Deborah, on the right, and to my left.

She is with the Alzheimers Association in Savannah, Georgia. She was a tremendous help on last year’s trip and will be this year. She is very tireless and so unbelievably enthusiastic. She is a cancer survivor.

Thank you Debbie, for helping me, help others. I will do my best, I promise.

If you call the Alzheimers Association

Please tell them how you really feel and what is really hurting you. When they answer the phone, please don’t decide to try and be strong, if you have not been. Strong does not necessarily mean that you do not need help. Please tell them the truth and tell them what you need. They are there for you and if you need something they don’t usually handle, maybe you will teach them something that they do need to handle. They want to help, but they need you to tell them how you really feel and what you really need. This is real stuff here. Lots of Alzheimers patients are dying everyday and so are lots of caregivers, whose health has plummeted, due to the stress!!

1-800-272-3900. Anytime

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